Monacor HSE-152A/SK Cardioid Headworn Mic (Micro Jack + Adaptors)

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A series of headband microphones and earband microphones for universal applications. With included 3-pin and 4-pin XLR adaptors (locking mini jack not included, code 595680)
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Monacor HSE-152A/SK Cardioid Headworn Mic (Micro Jack + Adaptors)


A series of headband microphones and earband microphones for universal applications, beige version for adaptor systems. With the supplied adaptors, suitable for pocket transmitters from IMG Stage Line and JTS. Further connecting adaptors for units from other manufacturers are available and sold separately.

Polar pattern: Cardioid characteristic

This microphone with a back electret cartridge of cardioid characteristic is suitable for any application requiring a directional sound pick-up. A solid tool with a great sound for presenters and vocalists, even suitable for severe acoustic conditions thanks to the low acoustic feedback. The lightweight and almost invisible headband is very comfortable to wear and keeps the cartridge securely in place.

Connected to a cable with latching device and by using optional adaptors, the HSE-152A/SK can be operated with wireless transmission systems of various manufacturers.


  • Wide transmission range
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Stable positioning
  • Turning cartridge arm of adjustable length
  • Drip ring (protects the cartridge against moisture)
  • Sweat-proof connection cable with 2.5mm stereo plug
  • Windshield

Supplied with 3pin & 4pin Mini XLR adaptors compatible with all TXS-...HSE pocket transmitters (3-pole mini XLR) and pocket transmitters from JTS (4-pole mini XLR)
* Optional Adaptor NTA-4M (sold separately); compatible with pocket transmitter TXS-880HSE
* Optional adaptors (sold separately); for application with units from other manufacturers (see options below)

Note: THIS NECKBAND MIC CAN BE USED WITH A SENNHEISER or TRANTEC S4.4 BODYPACK with their locking 3.5mm stereo mini jack socket, by using
Product code 595680 ADAPTOR 3.5mm Locking Plug to 2.5mm Socket

If not using a wireless body pack transmitter, the external power supply, e.g. via phantom power; can be supplied by the following phantom power supply adaptors: EMA-1; EMA-2; EMA-40 or EMA-300P


Optional Adaptors to interface with other equipment.

NTA-2SE Connects 2.5mm microjack on microphone to 3.5mm locking minijack sockets.
Code 595680 Monacor 23.5210 NTA-2SE

NTA-4SH Connects 2.5mm microjack on microphone to 4pin Mini XLR sockets.
Code 595710 Monacor 23.5240 NTA-4SH

More Information
Specifications Microphone Response :20-20,
Microphone Maximum SPL : 130dB,
Microphone Impedance : 1.5kΩ,
Microphone Powering : 1.5-9V,
Microphone Connector : 2.5mm stereo plug - 2 connecting adapters,
Microphone sensitivity : 1.8mV/Pa/1kHz,
Physical Weight : 7g
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