Line 6 XD-V55L Lavalier System

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Ideal for musicians,vocalists, performers or active spoken word presenters who need hands-free performance. XD-V55 bodypack systems offer three EQ filter models that enable fast access to professionally tailored sounds.
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Line 6 XD-V55L Lavalier System

XD-V55L digital wireless lavalier microphone system

  • Ideal for musicians, performers or active spoken word presenters who need hands-free performance.
  • With a discreet clothing attachment, the capsule and design are optimized to reduce handling noise.
  • Three powerful EQ filter models ensure the best sound and articulation for a variety of mic placements and performance environments.

Onboard EQ Filter Modeling Technology for Bodypack Systems

  • For vocalists, musicians, performers and active spoken word presenters who require hands-free operation, XD-V55 bodypack systems offer three EQ filter models that enable fast access to professionally tailored sounds.
  • Mic placement is no longer a variable - on collar, chest or cheek, or even plugging an instrument into the transmitter - the custom EQ filter models will help to optimize the system performance to the situation.

Full-frequency, Uncompressed, 24-bit Audio

  • Every performer knows that when you sound your best, you perform with confidence. The unique versatility and reliability of XD-V55 systems ensure a great performance every time you hit the stage.
  • Featuring 24-bit precision for a full frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz and a wide dynamic range of up to >117dB (A weighted), XD-V55 digital wireless signals are so clear and strong that they sound and perform as if you're using a wired microphone.
  • Unlike analog wireless systems, XD-V55 digital wireless systems never use signal companding to compress and expand the signal, so you always have full dynamic range.
  • XD-V wireless systems allow you to convey every nuance of your performance to the audience in the most natural way, with crystal clarity.
  • In addition to preventing unintentional handling noise, the adjustable dynamic filter reduces unwanted ambient noise, while preserving your natural vocal articulation.

Advanced Audio Protection

  • Line 6 digital wireless systems use exclusive digital technologies to protect their signals from interference that can wreak havoc on analog wireless systems.
  • Encoded DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology distinguishes XD-V55 digital audio from any other third-party signal, including Wi-Fi.
  •  This prevents audio interference from other 2.4GHz devices and ensures the highest signal integrity.

2.4GHz Broadcast - License-free, Worldwide

  • You may have noticed that some wireless microphones come with FCC warning labels. Line 6 digital wireless systems, including XD-V55, don't need "FCC Consumer Alert" stickers because they're fully FCC compliant.
  • XD-V digital wireless operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, which avoids interference from TV broadcasts, white space devices, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices.
  • XD-V55 systems ensure peace of mind and the most reliable operation worldwide, from Hollywood to Tokyo.
  • Worried about interference caused by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices that operate in the 2.4GHz ISM band XD-V55 digital wireless systems use uniquely addressed and encoded digital transmission technology, so your signal will travel from transmitter to receiver free of interference.

4th-generation Digital Wireless Technology

  • Since its debut, Line 6 digital wireless technology has racked up awards and proven that analog wireless technology is no longer the only option.
  • Now in its fourth generation, Line 6 digital wireless technology is the most mature in the market and continues to set standards in simplicity and performance.

One-step Setup

  • Like all Line 6 digital wireless systems, XD-V55 systems are incredibly easy to set up.
  • Simply pick any of the 12 always-available channels and the transmitter and receiver lock together - job done.

Consistent Signal Integrity up to 300 Feet

  • At ten feet away or at the full extent its range, XD-V digital wireless systems deliver the same, consistent, dependable signal quality.
  • Unlike analog wireless systems, there's no increased risk of interference or degradation in signal as you move further from the receiver.
  • You can perform with full confidence, right up to the range limits of your XD-V system.

Battery and Signal Status

  • XD-V55 systems feature clearly display essential system information - including battery and signal status - on the transmitter and receiver units.
  • The handheld and bodypack transmitters let you select your channel and mic or EQ filter model, and give you an instant check on battery level.
  • The receiver features a bright, five-segment LED for constant signal and battery status.