Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone

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  • The Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone simplifies recording with its AURA sensor-based technology, making it ideal for vocalists, content creators, streamers, and producers. 
  • Experience consistent sound quality regardless of your distance from the microphone, ensuring clarity and eliminating unwanted boomy sounds. 
  • Set a specific distance to automatically mute or unmute the signal, providing convenient control over your audio. 
  • The first professional XLR microphone with a dedicated Mute button, offering clear visual feedback and compatibility with streaming, podcasts, and video meetings. 
  • Featuring a gold-sputtered capsule with a cardioid pattern for detailed vocal recordings, low self-noise, and high sound pressure level handling. 
  • The compact design fits perfectly in the shock mount, reducing low-frequency rumble, while the magnetic pop filter ensures stability, ideal for camera use. 
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Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone

The Lewitt RAY Condenser Microphone is essential for vocalists, content creators, streamers and producers. This microphone makes recording easy with AURA sensor-based technology which adjusts your levels and tone according to your distance to the microphone. 


AURA Technology 

The RAY’s sensor-based technology ensures consistent sound quality no matter where you are in relation to the microphone. This eliminates the loud and boomy sound that happens when you move to close to the microphone and helps you sound louder if you have moved to far away. Like autofocus for your voice. 


Mute By Distance 

RAY allows you to set a specific distance to automatically mute and unmute the signal. You can step away from your microphone knowing you will be muted and step towards to make it live again. 


A Mute Button on a XLR Microphone 

The RAY is the first professional XLR microphone with a dedicated Mute button. You get clear visual feedback when Mute is engaged, and it also works when Mute by Distance is activated. This is great for streaming, podcasts and video meetings. 


1-inch True Condenser Capsule 

A 1-inch true condenser capsule is the standard for detailed vocal recordings. The RAY’s gold-sputtered capsule has a cardioid pattern that will record everything in front and reject sound from behind. The RAY boasts an extremely low self-noise of just 8 dB(A) and can handle sound pressure levels of up to 131 dBSPL.  


Compact and Camera Friendly 

The RAY Condenser Microphone’s compact design sits perfectly in the included shock mount which reduces low frequency rumble and structure-borne noise. The camera-friendly pop filter attaches magnetically to the shock mount making sure it will stay in place. This makes it easier to show your face to the camera, read a script, or view a screen while using the microphone. 


Key Features

  • AURA Technology works like autofocus for your voice 
  • MUTE by Distance feature 
  • Dedicated MUTE button 
  • Record-Ready sound 
  • 1" true condenser studio capsule 
  • Camera-friendly design 

Frequency range:   20 - 20,000 Hz

Sensitivity:   22.6 mV/Pa, -32.9 dBV/Pa

Self-noise:   8 dB (A)

Max SPL:   131 dBSPL

Polar pattern:   Cardioid

Internal impedance:   220 Ohm

Microphone dimensions:   138 x 52 x 36 mm

Microphone net weight:   330 g