Korg Kontrol 49

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The KONTROL49 is a MIDI controller that provides all the controllers you need for computer-based music production and performance
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Korg Kontrol 49

Equipped with a velocity-sensing four-octave keyboard, eight encoders, eight sliders, vector joystick, two switches, pitch and mod wheels plus sixteen trigger pads, the KONTROL49 allows you to freely control your software synthesizers and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), as well as external MIDI sound modules and other musical equipment. In addition, the KONTROL49 is perfect for live performance, allowing you to send program changes and other MIDI messages with a single touch, and play on the keyboard and trigger pads in realtime.




Eight encoders and eight sliders with “sub-displays”

  • You can assign MIDI control change messages (including NRPN or RPN) to the eight encoders and sliders. The encoders and sliders have “sub-displays” that indicate the parameter name and value, and you can even specify the display backlight color to distinguish between different control assignments.


Sixteen velocity-sensitive trigger pads

  • You can use the velocity-sensitive pads for playing and programming drums, or any other sounds for that matter. The pads aren’t limited to sending notes, though - you can also use them to send MIDI control change messages, for remote control of your software’s Play/Stop/Rec transport – or virtually anything else! The pads can also be used for switching between KONTROL49 setups, called “scenes.”


Wheels, switches and more

  • The pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, two assignable switches plus two assignable pedal jacks increase the amount of control available.


Vector joystick

  • You can assign different MIDI controllers to the X-axis and Y-axis, and use them to intuitively control two parameters on the WAVESTATION software synthesizer or on an effect processor, etc.


Easy parameter assignments

  • The displays provide plenty of information, making it easy to assign MIDI messages to each controller.


Twelve user memories

  • You can set up the KONTROL49’s controllers to match your soft synthesizer or DAW, and save these settings in memory as one of twelve “scenes.” Using the trigger pads, you can switch instantly between saved scenes. The KONTROL49 also contains pre-loaded scenes suitable for controlling popular sequencer software and soft synthesizers.


Included editor software and template sheet data

  • The KONTROL49 comes with Editor Librarian software that lets you edit and manage scene data on your computer, as well as template scene data for popular DAWs and software synthesizers. Seamless integration of the KONTROL49 and the Editor Librarian software makes it easy to edit the template scenes or create your own original scenes.


Bus power is supported

  • The KONTROL49 can be powered from the USB bus, requiring no additional power. Simply using a single USB cable to connect it to your computer will provide power and establish communication. You can also power the KONTROL49 using the AC adapter.