Isomic by Isovox

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  • Isomic by Isovox, guaranteed to capture your voice like never before.
  • Specially designed for Voice Over Artists & Vocalists.
  • Tailored for voice recording within the ISOVOX Vocal Booth and delivers a Radio Ready Sound.
  • Thanks to the revolutionary triangular capsule, a jaw-dropping frequency range of 7Hz - 87,000Hz is made possible.
  • Its top-of-the-line specifications along with its patented triangular capsule deliver a sound that is just as unique as you are.
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Isomic by Isovox

Isomic is designed for professional Voice Over Artists & Vocalists who want an easy-to-use solution to achieve the "Pro Studio Sound" along with the ISOVOX Vocal Booth. The sound is "Pre-Set" and works fantastic for Voice-Overs, Audio Books, Narrations, and of course Vocals of different genres. You can, of course, tweak it if you feel the need.


Its top-of-the-line specifications along with its patented triangular capsule delivers a sound that is just as unique as you are. The sound can be described as hyper-realistic, well balanced and crystal clear. This is what we think the future should sound like. The high-end is naturally smooth and makes it very "comfortable" sounding which makes it great for modern high-compressed Voice Overs / Vocals without sounding harsh.


Key Points:

  • Radio Ready Sound just add compression
  • Made for the ISOVOX Vocal Booth
  • Extremely low self-noise < 7 dB (A), so you can focus on your voice and not the noise
  • 2x Pop-Removal Zones for pop-free recordings
  • Easy-on-the-eyes-design, so your eyes can focus on the script instead of the gear
  • Specially designed for Voice Over Artists & Vocalists
  • Made in Sweden


What’s Included:

Isomic, CloudMount & ISOPOP placed inside beautiful and protective packaging.


Made for:

Voice Over Artists & Vocalists.


Can it be used for other instruments?

Yes, but it’s mainly designed for voice recording with the ISOVOX Vocal Booth.



Isomic is designed primarily for the ISOVOX Vocal Booth.
While it can be used without it, it’s recommended to use it inside the ISOVOX to achieve its full potential.

  • Type: Condenser microphone
  • Membrane type: Triangular
  • Pickup pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency range: 7 Hz – 87 000 Hz
  • Sensitivity at 1kHz: -33 dBV/Pa (23 mV/Pa)
  • Impedance: Handles all impedances without altering the frequency response
  • Equivalent noise level: < 7 dBA
  • Signal-to-noise: 87 dBA
  • Dynamic range: 115 dB
  • Max SPL (peak): 0.5% THD 116 dB 1% THD 122 dB
  • Power supply: 48 V
  • Current consumption: 2.0 mA
  • Connector: XLR 3-pin
  • Materials: Aluminium body
  • Finish: Glass bead blasting
  • Dimensions: Ø55 mm x 135 mm
  • <p">Weight: 206 grams
  • Country of Origin: Sweden