Heavy-Duty Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro (2U/4U/6U/8U)

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  • 2U/4U/6U/8U Heavy-Duty Rack Flight Cases by Trojan Pro, 19-inch high-quality and lightweight rack cases designed for professional use.
  • Safely and securely transport your equipment from one destination to another.
  • Designed to be highly durable to survive the hardships of the road, ready for all-weather and location conditions.
  • The corners of the case are protected by chrome-plated steel balls that are secured to the cabinet in six different places.
  • The lids of the case include lips that form tight seals against moisture and debris/dust once compressed and closed.
  • Features rack strips at both ends, allowing you a choice as to which end you decide to mount your rack equipment.
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Heavy-Duty Rack Flight Case by Trojan Pro (2U/4U/6U/8U)

Are you seeking a lightweight, durable, and reliable solution to protect and transport your gear?

Designed for professional use, this Rack Flight Case range is specifically engineered to withstand the challenges of the road while ensuring your equipment remains safe and fully functional. Constructed from 9mm plywood with an attractive black phenolic surface, these cases are designed to the highest specifications. The corners are reinforced with chrome-plated steel balls, secured in six different places for superior protection.

Offering a lightweight design that makes transportation a breeze, there is no compromise on durability or protection. With their continually refined design, these cases safeguard your equipment, ensuring it remains in perfect working condition while you're on the move.


Removable Lids

The Trojan Pro 2U Rack Flight Case features 2 removable lids so you can easily rack up your equipment and have access to both front and back elements once set up at the studio or live show. The case lids include lips that form an incredibly tight seal once shut to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from entering the case while in transit. You can rest easy knowing your equipment will be in the same condition as it was at the start of the journey once you arrive at the next show.


2U Rack Strips

The Trojan Pro 2U Rack Flight Case features rack strips at both ends of the case. This allows you an extra option of choice when racking up your equipment, unlike other equipment cases that have only one dedicated side for rack strips. No matter how complex or creative your rack equipment set-up is, the Trojan Pro 2U Rack Flight Case accommodates as much as possible.


Heavy-Duty Butterfly Catches

The Trojan Pro 2U Rack Flight Case features 4 industrial-strength butterfly catches that are mounted to the case with rivets to ensure they can stand the abuses of the road while staying attached, remaining functional, and ensuring the lids are shut as tight as possible so your equipment stays safe. The catches are quick-release and fully retractable to minimise any hassle whilst trying to remove the lids once you’ve arrived at the venue and time is sensitive.

The 4U/6U/8U Road case features 4x draw bolts with tension springs, they also feature rack strips at both ends, allowing you a choice as to which end you decide to mount your rack equipment, an advantage over other rack equipment cases that only allow you one dedicated side to fit any equipment.


Rubber Feet and Handles

The Trojan Pro 2U/4U/6U/8U Rack Flight Case features a retractable handle (2x for 4U, 6U, and 8U) on the lid that allows for a convenient vertical carrying position and rubberised feet on one of the lids, so when placed down vertically, the case has optimal grip and shock absorption. Lastly, on the bottom of the case are 4 rubberised feet that provide the same strong grip and shock abortion when placed vertically.

The 4U, 6U, and 8U cases feature rubber feet on a 1x lid and on the bottom of the unit for increased grip once placed down.


Key Features

  • High-quality, lightweight, and professional-grade.
  • Safely transport equipment with durability and security.
  • Highly durable design for road use, all-weather and location ready.
  • Corners protected by chrome-plated steel balls secured in six places.
  • Lids include sealing lips against moisture and debris.
  • Rack strips at both ends for flexible mounting options.


Material Wood



  • Exterior - Height: 129mm / Width: 525mm / Depth: 566mm
  • Interior - Height: 101mm / Width: 19" / Depth: 460mm / Rack to Rack: 376mm
  • Exterior without Lids - Height: 129mm / Width: 525mm / Depth: 409mm
  • Lid Exterior - Height: 119mm / Width: 528mm / Depth: 71mm
  • Lid Interior - Height: 101mm / Width: 508mm / Depth: 63mm


  • External - Height: 229mm / Width: 533mm / Depth: 700mm
  • Internal - Height: 188mm / Width: 19" / Depth: 600mm / Rack to Rack: 472mm
  • Exterior without Lids - Height: 229mm / Width: 533mm / Depth: 520mm
  • Lid Exterior - Height: 219mm / Width: 533mm / Depth: 91mm
  • Lid Interior - Height: 189mm / Width: 509mm / Depth: 78mm


  • Height: 320mm / Width: 545mm / Depth: 700mm (520mm without lids)
  • Rack rail to case lip: 25mm


  • External - Height: 407mm / Width: 534mm / Depth: 701mm
  • Internal - Height: 367mm / Width: 19" / Depth: 603mm / Rack to Rack: 474mm
  • Exterior without Lids - Height: 407mm / Width: 534mm / Depth: 520mm
  • Lid Exterior - Height: 393mm / Width: 536mm / Depth: 91mm
  • Lid Interior - Height: 367mm / Width: 510mm / Depth: 79mm



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