Gooseneck Microphone - 48V

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This microphone requires phantom power and is suitable for all desks with a 3-pin XLR talk back. This item includes a high-pass filter to remove any low frequency rumble or handling noises.
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Studiospares Gooseneck Announcer Mic

The Studiospares Gooseneck is a small condenser mic that is ideally used in conjunction with a mixing desk as a practical solution for talkback. With over 20 years of design and refinement, the Studiospares Gooseneck exemplifies exceptional build and sound capture quality, making this an outstanding choice over competitive brands for a fraction of the cost.




With a tailored designed frequency response specifically for the human voice, this microphone would be an ideal choice if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to providing excellent quality talkback while in the studio.


Being a microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, the Studiospares Gooseneck will be exceptional at capturing sound coming into the front. Also, being a cardioid microphone, it will exhibit excellent rear rejection. Meaning any noise bleed from the environment you’re in, won’t be spilling onto the microphone while you’re trying to communicate.


The Studiospares Gooseneck is a high-quality microphone made from die-cast metal. Making it more than capable of handling any situation it’s thrown into whether in the studio, conference centre or on tour. With full 180 degrees flexible movement and positioning, there’s nothing this microphone won’t accommodate.


Compared to the other more renowned brand's options for the same performance and specification, the Studiospares Gooseneck is a no-brainer choice. As at a fraction of the cost, you will receive the same high quality if you were to buy the rival products at 10x the price. In addition, the Studiospares Gooseneck has a low-frequency roll-off switch, perfect for when you need to remove those low frequencies due to the proximity effect.


The Studiospares Gooseneck comes complete with an included windshield, to protect against any plosives or wind noise. Excellent for giving the recipients of what you're saying over the mic just your voice and not the sound of breath going onto the capsule.


Lastly, the Studiospares Gooseneck is a condenser microphone and will need 48V phantom power when in use.



Upon purchase inside the box of the Studiospares Gooseneck, the following items will be included:

• Studiospares Gooseneck Microphone
• Foam Windshield



More Information
Specifications Microphone Response :50Hz - 15kHz,
Microphone Powering : +48 Volts (Phantom Power),
Microphone Pad Switches : No,
Microphone Connector : XLR,
480mm length