Europa Ultimate Orange Mic Cable per metre

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High Quality Oxygen Free Microphone Cable - Colour Orange, sold per metre.
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Europa Ultimate Orange Mic Cable per metre

High Quality Oxygen Free Microphone Cable - Colour Orange, sold per metre.

Hardly any microphone cables include both braided screening and plastic carbon screening. They are the ultimate and will be more expensive.

Braided screening is the ultimate method of stopping interference breaking through from mobile phones, thyristor lighting and taxis. The additional plastic carbon screen stops crunching and squealing sounds breaking into the microphone’s output when the cable is flexed. Low losses are assured by specifying generous amounts of copper in the strands, which keeps the DC resistance low, and using a special dielectric which lowers the self capacity between the conductors to maintain high frequencies.

The outer jacket resists abrasions, remains flexible at lower temperatures, and has many colour options.

Europa Ultimate combines exceptional performance with good mechanical characteristics. Cotton liner and cotton fillers maintain  round cable shape when flexed. OFC copper is used throughout.


**Please note - The black plastic carbon screening must be stripped back carefully to ensure it does not short against either of the copper conductors.**


Colours available:

Black - Code 548900

Black 100m Drum - Code 548901

Red - Code 548910

Blue - Code 548920

Green - Code 548930

Yellow - Code 548940

Violet - Code 548950

Orange - Code 548960

White - Code 548970


Capacitance between conductors - 70 pF/m. 

Capacitance between conductor to earth - 120pF/m. 

DC Resistance of conductor per metre - 0.08Ω. 

No of strands and their diameters - 20x 

Cross sectional area 0.22 sq mm. 

Screening method - Braid+ Carbon Plastic.