Esmono Double Wall 2m x 2m x 2.2m Room

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The Esmono Double Wall rooms include two 50mm walls to improve sound isolation. This room will fit up to two people and is extra tall compared to our standard booths.
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Esmono Double Wall 2m x 2m x 2.2m Room

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Would you like to stop your music from annoying the neighbours Or the person in the next room Do you need to keep outside noise from affecting your recordings at the crucial moment Are you also looking for a cost- effective solution, one that looks good, and that you can take with you if you move on elsewhere If so, it may well be worth looking at the Esmono Isolation Booths.

There are 6 standard sizes available, up to 4m x 3.7m, while for each size you can choose a height of 2m or 2.2m. Custom sizes can also be arranged. With over 200 sold in the UK in a fairly short space of time they are becoming increasingly popular for studios, colleges and universities, broadcast facilities, and even in private homes.

If you haven`t yet seen the Esmono Booth, call Roy (or email to make an appointment to see - and more importantly, hear - a demonstration of its capabilities at our premises at Staples Corner.

If London is not convenient, we may be able to arrange a viewing through one of our customers, anywhere from Bournemouth to Glasgow, Ireland to Saudi Arabia! For more information about the Booths, first try clicking on `View Details`. In addition we have many pages of further information about the design and installation of the booths, which are available upon request.


  • Fits up to 2 people inside
  • Isolates sound to be perceived as up to eight times quieter.
  • Portable design, can be moved if necessary
  • Free Quotation
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Specifications 2.2m,
Physical width : 2.0m,
Physical depth : 2.0m