ErgoLab Executive Stealth Pro - Music Engineer Chair with Large Seat

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  • Executive Stealth Pro - Music Engineer Chair with Large Seat, with larger casters.
  • Perfect for music engineers who lean forward naturally, providing optimum comfort.
  • Specially designed for users over 6 foot.
  • The high strength fibre-enforced frame provides unique flexing properties.
  • The executive back allows for regular reclining without the stress on your back.
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ErgoLab Executive Stealth Pro - Music Engineer Chair with Large Seat

As a music engineer, the long shifts sitting at your desk can result in you reclining more, feeling discomfort you’d rather avoid throughout the day.

The Executive Chair from Ergolab moves with you, massaging the lumbar area of the spine, increasing blood flow, and aiding in rehabilitation for those suffering from chronic pain or discomfort.


Main Features

The Stealth Pro Executive Audio Engineer Chair has been specially designed for those of you above 6 feet or over 200 pounds. It features a larger seat and casters, and an executive back, ideal for engineers who recline often, protecting their lower back from further injury.


Who is Ergolab?

Ergolab has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of ergonomically correct chairs. They utilize only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and manufacture a wide variety of styles for professionals across multiple industries.

Sit in an Ergolab chair for any length of time and you'll quickly realize that it is like no other chair you have sat in before. This is because they design each of their chairs to support a specific combination of physical attributes and professional responsibilities.



The patented ZenWave motion provides unbinding, stress-free support as music engineers lean forward in a natural position and protect the lower back from further injury. Additionally, the scientifically designed backrest moves with you, providing nutrients to the lower back muscles and intervertebral discs.

The unique flexing properties of the high-strength fibre-reinforced frame, combined with the precise variable tensioning of the mesh support system, allow weight and its corresponding pressure points to be optimally dispersed regardless of the position of the body.


Key Features:

Like Floating on Water

The patented ZenWave™ motion technology allows you to float forward and backward without harmful pressure.

Align Your Spine

The Active Tilt™ seat plate pivots smoothly forward and backwards to promote proper body alignment.

Feel Supported

The "Free-Float" backrest stays with you as you lean forward, giving you continuous support.

Everyone Is Different

Customize your seat and backrest position simply with three lever adjustments.

Breathe Easy

The cool breathable mesh prevents perspiration build-up and keeps your clothes looking fresh and clean.

  • Dimensions: Width 20" x Depth 19"
  • Each chair comes with two different height cylinders, one tall and one short. The foot ring included would be used if you use the tall cylinder.
  • Floor to Seat Height: 19.5" - 25" with Small Cylinder
  • Comes with both 2" office style casters and 4" TourMax casters.
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Colour: Midnight with black arms
  • Non-Reflective
  • Patented ZenWave motion technology gives you better support without placing stress on your body
  • Active Tilt seat plate pivots forward and backwards with ease, supplying proper body alignment
  • Free-float backrest gives you continuous support when you lean forward
  • 3 lever adjustments make customizing the chair's position a breeze
  • Convex-shaped backrest massages improve blood flow to your lower back
  • The breathable mesh prevents perspiration build-up
  • Includes 2 piston cylinders for various height locations
  • Measurements from floor to seat top
  • Short cylinder 22"-28" (included
  • Tall cylinder 25"-32" (included)
  • X-Tall cylinder 30"-40" (not included)