Electro-Voice EVOLVE30M Portable Column Speaker System White Bluetooth Streaming

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The EVOLVE 30M is designed to deliver a significant step up in all-around performance for a column system in its size/price category -superior Electro-Voice sound quality and flexible functionality combined in a very compact package.
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Electro-Voice EVOLVE30M Portable Column Speaker System White Bluetooth Streaming

Superior Sound Quality and Flexible Functionality – Combined in a Compact Package
The EVOLVE 30M is designed to deliver a powerful upgrade in the all-around performance a column system can achieve in its size/price category. By providing a combination of superior Electro-Voice sound quality and flexible functionality in a compact package, joining the EVOLVE 50 in the award-winning Electro-Voice EVOLVE column speaker system series.

The EVOLVE 30M is equipped with the most complete feature set in its class, that includes an 8x channel mixer, studio-quality onboard effects and remote control of all audio, effects and mix functions via the Electro-Voice QuickSmart Mobile Application or LCD/single-knob interface.



Refined Industrial Design and Professional-Grade EV-Engineered Components
The EVOLVE 30M sounds as wonderful as it looks. The full-range column array and it's 6x lightweight 2.8” neodymium drivers will provide you with an ultra-wide 120° of coverage via proprietary waveguides. Array-formed 40° asymmetrical vertical coverage will ensure acoustic output is directed equally to audience members who are both stood up and sat down. The 10” subwoofer is housed inside a 15mm wood enclosure for enhanced rigidity and acoustic performance properties. The Class-D amplifier will provide up to 1000W of output power. Additionally, the array and sub are connected via a 2-piece symmetrical aluminium pole that features internal wiring and magnetically assisted latching for easy assembly.


Industry-Leading QuickSmart DSP
QuickSmart DSP allows you to navigate the system's parameters via the LCD with a single knob control or via the mobile app, as well as multiple options for signal routing and inputs.


The EVOLVE 30M’s functions include:
4x pre-sets (Music, Live, Speech, Club)
3x band EQ system (Low, Mid, High)
7x band graphic EQ available in (Mixer Mode)
5x User-programmable pre-sets (Store and Recall settings)
Phantom Power
Visual Monitoring of limiter status, input level control and meters
Master Volume Control


Onboard Mixer Gives You Best-In-Class Connectivity and Control
The EVOLVE 30M has been developed in collaboration with the sibling branch of EV, Dynacord. The integrated fully featured and configurable mixer has multiple inputs with professional-grade preamps and mix functions. The mixer is controllable via both the QuickSmart mobile app and LCD/single-knob interface.


Craft Your Sound with Musician Friendly Features
The EVOLVE 30M offers you flexible system configurations that include independent channel aux sends, footswitch inputs and studio-quality effects that include 30x presents like chorus, delay, flange and reverb via the 2x FX channels. Resulting in you having a lighter gear load to take to gigs if you so choose, and the ability to dial in your desired sound via the QuickSmart mobile app or LCD/single-knob interface.