5m/16ft Straight to Straight Guitar Lead 5m by Studiospares

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The dedicated cable consists of 20 strands of 0.12mm OFC copper wire surrounded by a PE dielectric which achieves ultra low capacity.
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Guitar Lead 5m Multi Coloured


Anything that lives under musicians feet and survives is a winner. This Guitar Cable accomplishes that and maintains an appearance and performance literally second to none.

Main benefits

1. The outer jacket is a multi-coloured polypropylene braid surrounded by a thick transparent PVC shield.  Makes dirt and fraying obsolete
2. Cable includes an internal electrostatic tube to stop noise being generated when the cable is flexed. (Important as guitar pickups are high impedance)
3. Ultimate screening by Oxygen Free spirally wound copper which maintains flexibility
4. Spiral Oxygen Free copper screening keeps signal free of stage bourne interference from thyristor controlled lighting, mobile phones and taxis.
5. Ultra low self capacity does not attenuate high frequencies
6. Connectors include an elongated spring strain relief which protect the cable from breaking at the point the cable exits the connector however many times it is flexed
7. Connectors include a rubbery surround making plugging and unplugging with moist fingers much easier
8. Highly durable, lays flat on stage and coils up easily
9. Manufactured to the ISO9001 standard.



  • Connectors 6.3mm (0.25”) nickle plated with spring strain relief
  • Cable length 5 metres
  • Cable diameter 7mm
  • Inner signal conductor 20x strands of 0.12mm Oxygen Free Copper
  • Inner conductor section 0.23mm sq
  • Shield 64 strands of 0.12mm Oxygen Free Copper
  • Insulator Low-density polyethylene foam a thermoplastic made from monomer ethylene

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