Black Friday - Studio Furniture

Why do I need a studio desk? 

A studio desk creates the perfect environment for recording, mixing, and mastering, allowing you to store all your studio equipment within arm's reach providing easy access to your outboard gear, DAW controllers, studio monitors, MIDI keyboard, audio interface, and computer equipment. The Troilus Studio Desk Workstation by Trojan Pro will enable you to make changes to your gear while in the right listening position rather than listening to your changes after you have made them in a rack to the side of you. 

What’s different from an office desk? 

A studio desk (or workstation) is designed with workflow, production and creativity in mind. Unlike a typical office computer desk or table, a studio desk is ergonomically designed to not only provide you with easy access to your equipment and gear, but also for comfort over long recording, mixing, and mastering sessions. These two things alone will boost your workflow and creativity in a built-for-purpose, clutter-free work environment. 

What are the benefits of using a studio desk?

As well as providing you with storage for all your studio equipment in a clutter-free creative and productive space, a studio desk is ideal for helping you position your equipment correctly due to the various rack spaces, shelves, tiers, and raised platforms. The Priam Studio Desk comes with two optional rotating studio monitor plates, great for finding the perfect monitor placement for critical listening. Get the most out of your production space by positioning your studio monitors and other audio equipment correctly!