Black Friday - Stands

Why do I need a monitor stand? 

A studio monitor stand helps to isolate the monitors from the desk and reduce the chance of bass frequencies and reflections from the desk interfering with how you perceive the sound emitting from the monitors. Studio monitors should be positioned at a height that is in line with the tweeter which produces high frequencies and the listener’s ear. 

Why do I need a microphone stand? 

Without a microphone stand your microphone will pick up all sorts of knocks and vibrations that ruin any takes and causing any recordings to be scrapped. In a live setting they are used to help position microphones to pick up vocals and instruments. In broadcast and radio, they are used to keep boom microphones in place usually to pick conversations people are having. 

Why do I need a keyboard stand? 

A dedicated keyboard stand is essential for comfort and to help maintain the correct posture while playing, they are adjustable for the height you are playing at whether you are sitting or standing and can be used in your home studio or at your next gig.