Acoustic Treatment

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What is Acoustic Treatment? 

Acoustic Treatment is the process of controlling the way sound behaves in a room, to make the sound in that space sound better for recording, mixing, and reducing noise in homes, offices, and commercial spaces. This is achieved by using materials that reduce, absorb, and dampen unwanted noise, echoes, reflections, reverberation, standing waves and leakage. 

The most common materials used in acoustic treatment are foam, fibreglass, PET, and rockwool. These are then formed into products such as sound-absorbing panels, diffusers, and bass traps. 

In a recording studio, microphones can pick up echoes, standing waves and lower frequencies that can spoil recordings and mixes. Acoustic Panels can be used to absorb, diffuse, and trap some of these unwanted attributes to create a more professional sound.  

In offices or commercial spaces, the build-up of noise can affect your ability to hear a phone call or what is being said in a meeting. Acoustic Panels, baffles and ceiling clouds can help to absorb and diffuse some of the sound of people talking or moving around. This can aid privacy in an office meeting or can help you clearly hear what is being said in commercial spaces such as cinemas and restaurants. 

Often what is happening in each of these situations is your ears are getting tired from all the different sounds you are hearing, also known as listening fatigue, this can stop you from hearing what you need to in a recording or a mix or in a meeting.  

Is Acoustic Treatment and Sound Proofing the same? 

No! It is a common misconception that acoustic treatment of a room and soundproofing a room are the same. They both concern sound management and control but in vastly separate ways. The aim of acoustic treatment is to improve the quality of the sound in a recording studios, cinemas, and home theatres, whereas the aim of soundproofing is to prevent sound from entering or leaving a room in a home close to loud noise such as traffic or a venue in a residential area.