Bespeco MS14 Straight Professional One Hand Microphone Stand

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Straight microphone stand with “easy handle” height adjustment
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Bespeco MS14 Straight Professional One Hand Microphone Stand

The Bespeco MS14 is a professional microphone stand with an easy handle for simple height adjustments available exclusively from Studiospares.


The MS14's main feature is its easy handle, making any height adjustments during a performance a seamless and effortless task. You won't need to screw and unscrew any components like a traditional mic stand.

Simply grip and depress the ergonomically designed clutch and make your adjustment, it's that simple. The MS14 features a "soft touch" rubber powder coating to make height adjustments smooth and seamless, as to let you concentrate on what's important during your performance.

The base of MS14 is composed of cast iron and covered with a stylish ABS top and then assembled on top of a rubber base. With its cast-iron construction, the MS14 will provide exceptional support and stability while on stage or in the recording studio.

The MS14's rubber basement will give excellent and essential grip properties while in use. You won't have to worry about this mic stand going anywhere it shouldn't.

Lastly, the MS14's base houses acoustic isolation for the microphone stand, meaning any floor noise from the base won't travel up the mic stand and be captured by the microphone.

Overall, the Bespeco MS14 is a high-quality easy one-use microphone stand. Its high-quality build properties make this microphone ready and able to cope with any abuse on or off the stage. Bespeco are the Italian Stallion of microphone stands, and with these, you get what you pay for, which is an unrelenting high-quality stand built to last.

More Information
  • Height: Min 104cm - Max 172cm 
  • Base: Ø 27.5 cm
  • Weight: 4.1Kg
  • Master carton (pcs): 4
  • Volume (cbm): 0.094