Bespeco MS11EVO Professional Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand

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Hybrid, heavy-duty microphone boom stand with maximum stability
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Bespeco MS11EVO Professional Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand

The Bespeco MS11EVO is a hybrid heavy-duty microphone stand made from both metal and plastic materials for maximum stability available exclusively from Studiospares.



The main feature of the MS11EVO is the hybrid construction of both metallic and plastic materials. This combination is made to increase the robustness and ease of use when adjusting.


Its latest generation central joint is made of loaded nylon with a zinc alloy protective shell. It's then fitted with self-lubricating brushings, that allow for silent and seamless adjustments while in use.


All of the components on the MS11EVO are ergonomically designed and made from zink alloy with rubber coatings to maximise ease of use and security when adjusting.


The counterweight of the MS11EVO is constructed with additional weights. This adds to the overall stability of the microphone stand and ensures that when the stand is extended to its fullest, the stability is uncompromised.


The base of the unit is a hybrid construction of both zinc alloy to provide the correct amount of weight for the stand and loaded nylon to avoid cosmetic damage.


With the non-slip rubber feet this microphone stand isn't going anywhere you don’t want it to.


Overall, the Bespeco MS11EVO is a professional high-quality microphone stand. It’s hybrid construction of metal and plastic make it streamlined and heavy-duty, ready to withstand the heaviest of hands, whether that be live on stage or in the recording studio. It’s ergonomically designed components that self-lubricate make for the easiest of uses with the MS11EVO.



  • Height: Min 87 cm - Max 160 cm 
  • Spread: 64 cm
  • Weight: 2.9 Kg
  • Master Carton (pcs): 6
  • Volume (cbm): 0.08
  • Folded Stand Dimension: 13.5 x 10.5 x 106 cm
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