Auralex Platfoam

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Vibration-stopping Riser Support for Stage and Studio Applications. (Sold Singularly)
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Auralex Platfoam x1 (Sold Singularly)



When used as riser support, PlatFoam Isolation Foam GREATLY purifies the tone of whatever's on the riser and yields dramatically improved isolation characteristics, thus minimizing sound transmission to neighboring spaces. This is a fast, portable, easy and affordable solution to many of your sound isolation problems!

Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 4' piece of high-density foam

See Additional Picture for Application Ideas.

Customer Review:
"The main benefit of the PlatFoam™ HoverDeck™ is that it makes my drums sound better I immediately heard a big difference My drums had more definition, more punch and a fatter, clearer low end!" Kenny Aronoff - Drummer



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