Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive Can

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Auralex Foamtak Spray Adhesive Can


Foamtak™ acoustic foam, spray adhesive is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to mount Auralex acoustic foam products. Foamtak™ contains more actual solids than competing spray adhesives, and uses a unique spray pattern, so it offers greatly improved, long-term bonding, whereas other sprays virtually ALWAYS dry out and fail. Foamtak™ is guaranteed not to oxidize Auralex acoustic foams and may be purchased in any quantity needed.


  • Mounts up to 96 sq. ft. or more per can depending on foam thickness
  • Not suitable for air shipping
  • Wall Installations

Foamtak Spray Application Update

Foamtak™ spray adhesive has recently been reformulated to make it 50 state VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant with updated regulations. We recommend a longer wait time to allow the adhesive to become tacky before installing your foam panels to the wall or ceiling.

Our updated recommendations are to wait 60 to 90 seconds after applying Foamtak before installing the foam panel to the wall. Since environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can influence the time for Foamtak™ to become tacky, we also recommend occasionally testing for tackiness with a knuckle to confirm longer or shorter tack times.


Since the new formula is thinner and less viscous, best results will be obtained by setting the spray nozzle to “H” when spraying the foam and “L” when spraying the wall.


Code 461-660 Foamtak Spray Adhesive is the fastest and easiest way to mount Auralex foam products. Unlike Tubetak Pro, which is more permanent and tougher to remove later, Foamtak can be applied lightly so that your foam is removable, or it can be applied heavily for a more permanent bond. Also guaranteed not to oxidise Auralex acoustic foams. Not suitable for use with MetroFusors or DST-Rs. Mounts up to 8.7 square metres (96 square feet) per can depending on foam thickness. Code 461-650


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