Audient iD4 Studiospares S400 Bundle with Mic Stand

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The Audient iD4 Studiospares S400 Bundle with Mic Stand bundle features everything you will need to start your recording sessions.
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Audient iD4 Studiospares S400 Bundle with Mic Stand


The Audient iD4 Studiospares S400 Bundle with Mic Stand bundle features everything you will need to start your recording sessions.


Audient ID4 Audio Interface

iD4 delivers the audio performance of a large format console in a portable desktop package. Providing one renowned Audient console mic pre, class-leading converter technology, two headphone inputs, console style monitor control, JFET D.I and our virtual scroll wheel technology 'ScrollControl', iD4 is a professional but affordable solution for your home studio or for when you’re on the road.


iD4 provides you with high performance AD-DA converters. Quality in the analogue stages of design comes from years of experience as analogue console designers, and when coupled with outstanding converter technology it enables you to hear audio as it’s supposed to sound. The importance of converters should never be underestimated. Experience audio the Audient way.


With a touch of a button iD4’s volume encoder becomes a virtual scroll wheel, enabling you to adjust DAW hosts, plug-in parameters and even scroll through your iTunes library - just like you’re adjusting a piece of hardware. Wherever your mouse pointer hovers, the iD knob can scroll to control! And when your not using ScrollControl, pressing iD4’s volume encoder activates DIM, enabling you to quickly reduce the playback volume.


2-in/2-out USB Audio Interface
1 x Class-A Audient Console Mic Preamplifier
1 x Discrete JFET Instrument Input
High Performance Converters
iD ScrollControl Mode
Zero Latency Monitoring with Monitor Mix & Pan
Main Speaker Output
Independent Class-AB Headphone Amplifier with Dual Outputs
Monitor Control Functionality
USB2.0 Bus Powered
All-Metal Enclosure
Windows, macOS and iOS compatible


Includes free plugins, software, samples and more!
When you buy any Audient product you will also receive free plugins, software, samples and more with ARC - Audient’s creative hub.


Included in this offer is:
Two Notes Torpedo Wall Of Sound - with 8 Guitar and Bass cabs.
1GB+ of samples & 500 credits for Loopcloud from Loopmasters.
Waldorf Audio’s PPG 2.2v, Attack and D-Pole plugins. Steinberg’s Cubase LE and Cubasis LE2 (for iOS).
10 free masters & 10 Distribution credits from LANDR.
2 free courses and a £20 voucher for online audio educators Producertech.


Studiospares S400 Condenser Mic

The Studiospares S400 is an affordable large 32mm diameter condenser microphone with an unparalleled smooth and authentic sound. Whether you are new to recording or a seasoned pro, it’s humble price tag and high-quality build makes the S400 a perfect choice.


The S400 features new and improved capsule technology that is reflected in the sheer quality of the audio being captured by the microphone. The result from this microphone is recordings that are transparent and faithfully captured from everything to the smallest nuance.


This microphone features a Cardioid polar pattern, ideal for recording sources directly in front of the microphone and rejecting from the side and the rear. The microphone’s large gold 32mm lightweight diaphragm reacts instantly and performs strongly across a 20kHz – 20kHz sound spectrum.


On the inside, the S400 is manufactured with the JFET preamps and circuity. The junction field-effect transistor preamps offer high input impedance with super low noise figures. This allows you to capture the quietest of nuances in performances without the inconvenience of any hiss or distortion being captured on your recordings.


The microphones capsule is softly suspended inside the housing to minimise any stage borne sounds that can result in low-frequency interference while recording, like mic stand bumps or mic position changes. In addition, the capsule is surrounded by a screening that is designed to deter any RF, Taxi and Mobile phone interference, resulting in uninterrupted recording for the cleanest sound possible. Being a condenser microphone, it’s powered by 48-volt phantom power.


Additionally, the S400 comes complete with an included foam windshield to suppress any wind noise. Alongside a highly durable hard case with foam inserts that hold the microphone firmly in place, this makes the S400 able to be taken out on the road and survive the hardships that come with moving venue to venue each night.



• 48V phantom powered
• Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
• Signal/noise Ratio 70dB
• Equivalent Noise level 20dB (A weighted)
• Sensitivity -36dB + 2dB (0dB=1volt/Pa 1000Hz)
• Maximum SPL 125dB for 10.5% THD
• Transformerless output circuit reduces distortion to a new low
• Ideal for vocalists, lead singers and instruments
• Includes a Microphone Holder and thread adaptor



Upon purchase inside the box of the Studiospares S400, the following items will be included:
• S400 Microphone
• Microphone Hardcase
• Microphone holder
• 3/8’’ – 5/8’’ Thread Adaptor
• Foam windscreen and leather bag


Studiospares M2000 MK2 Headphones

The M2000 MK2 is our new professional mastering headphone featuring a fully open backed design. This design removes the lack of mid-range clarity inherent in closed designs.


Performers and mastering engineers generally prefer the open back varieties as the sound is far more accurate and removes the muddled and often “honky” sound. The frequency response is inherently flat and still going strong at frequencies well beyond the audio range.


This model is the culmination of years of development and stands favourable comparison with big brand products costing four times more.


Key Features:
Breathable protein leather ear pads designed for long-term comfort
Solid metal headband
Detachable cable with screw-tight plugs
42mm neodymium driver units
Open-back design for highly accurate sound
Frequency response 10Hz to 26kHz
Impedance 64 ohms
Designed for professional mixing and mastering
In the box:
M2000 MK2 Headphones
High quality 3.1-meter detachable cable
3.5mm to 6.3mm (Mini Jack to Stereo Jack) screw-in adapter
2 Spare ear pads
Instruction Booklet
Soft carry case


XLR Male - XLR Female Lead 5m Black

A range of popular XLR Leads based on the Precision series connectors. These are no compromise leads built to a Professional standard, not a price. They are heavy duty and flexible being considered second to none.


Microphone Stand and Telescopic Boom Unbranded

Manufactured to a standard, not a price. A solid no compromise product with a Diecast metal base and Tommy Bar for easy boom adjustment. The height adjusting sleeve clamp is nylon not plastic. With the precision engineering lavished on this product plus the availability of all components adds up to make this stand the most popular in the UK.
Matte Black Powder coated for a smart and durable finish. Screws do not gouge marks in the metalwork with long legs which guarantee stability. Boom arm can be set to any length and angle and uses a Tommy Bar for easier adjustment. (Plastic Knobs break under pressure) Materials are pre-processed to stop rust. Boom includes a cable clip to stop loose cables pulling the microphone.


Height adjustable between 1000mm - 1650mm
Boom Arm Length between 580mm - 910mm
Mic Stand thread 5/8”
Threads for Mic Holder 5/8” or 3/8” with the supplied STA5 adaptor
Boom arm socket 5/8” (Where it attaches to the stand)
Weight 2.2kg
Colour Black

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Color Black