AT2020 Voiceover Starter Kit - RED50

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Designed for vocalists, voiceover artists, streamers, podcasters and more. This starter kit will provide you with everything you’ll need to get started recording vocals.
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AT2020 Voiceover Starter Kit


What’s Included

Audio-Technica AT2020


The AT2020 sets a new standard of performance and quality in studio condenser microphones at this price level. Its low-mass diaphragm is custom made for extended frequency response and superior transient response. With a very low intrinsic noise level, it is perfectly suited to current digital recording equipment. This microphone offers a wide dynamic range, and easily holds high sound pressure levels. Its rugged construction is designed to last for years.



  • One of the best quality/price ratios in side-address studio condenser microphone technology
  • Ideal for "Project / home-studio"
  • High sound pressure level and outstanding dynamic range make it a particularly versatile microphone
  • Made to measure Ø16mm low-mass diaphragm, providing both wide frequency response and superior transient response
  • Cardioid polar pattern improves isolation of desired sound source and a reduction of sound to the side and rear
  • Screw fixture and swivel foot ensure secure mounting and facilitate accurate microphone positioning
  • With its low operating noise, it is suitable for use with sophisticated recording equipment
  • Can be suspended optionally using AT8458


Studiospares RED50 Reflection Filter


The RED50 is an entry-level mic filter offering a significant improvement in clarity when recording vocals. A simplified design which is quick and easy to set up, the RED50 is also lighter than other alternatives, making it a highly portable solution you can take anywhere. 


Adjustable both horizontally and vertically, making it simple to get the perfect setup whether you’re using a large or small microphone.

Comes with a clamp to attach the RED50 to a mic stand.

Dimensions 500 x 380 x 260 mm


Studiospares Pro Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom


Manufactured to a standard, not a price. A solid no compromise product with a Diecast metal base and Tommy Bar for easy boom adjustment. The height adjusting sleeve clamp is nylon, not plastic. With the precision engineering lavished on this product plus the availability of all components adds up to make this stand the most popular in the UK.



Matte Black Powder coated for a smart and durable finish. Screws do not gouge marks in the metalwork with long legs which guarantee stability. Boom arm can be set to any length and angle and uses a Tommy Bar for easier adjustment. (Plastic Knobs break under pressure) Materials are pre-processed to stop rust. Boom includes a cable clip to stop loose cables pulling the microphone.




Metal Mesh Pop Shield / Filter 120mm


A metal mesh has similar anti-blast characteristics as the open cloth counterpart but is more durable and can be easily cleaned with a cloth. Fabric versions are more difficult to clean and can sometimes be considered unhygienic. The 120mm diameter steel metal screen has a multitude of holes which break up the blast of air emitted by the performer. The remaining metal surrounding the holes are angled to further break up the parallel air currents hitting the screen. Handling is also easier.


 XLR Male - XLR Female Moulded 6m


This range of Moulded equipment leads are true of professional quality. The leads are heavy duty and not consumer Hi-Fi types and considered second to none.





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