ART Headtap Headphone Controller

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This is a passive device with an input to connect the PA or monitor amplifier and an output to connect the headphones. A volume control regulates the headphone level and internal resistors keep the unit’s impedance high enough to protect the headphones.
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Driving headphones from speaker lines can be problematic. Being deafened of having the cans incinerated on your head are just two possibilities!! The HeadTAP is designed to connect headphones to a speaker output or a line level signal source. It is designed to allow many boxes to be connected in series via the stereo/mono loop jacks. Apply up to two sets of headphone and adjust with a single control. It is more convenient if both sets of headphones are the same or similar impedance. Passive so no batteries or power supply is required. All inputs/outputs and function knobs are clearly labelled.

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