AKG CGN 99 H/S 30cm Gooseneck Mic Hypercardioid

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30 cm Hypercardioid Condenser Gooseneck Microphone...
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AKG CGN 99 H/S 30cm Gooseneck Mic Hypercardioid

The hypercardioid polar pattern with its narrow 95 pickup angle is suited best for situations where noise typically occurs from all sides (particularly in worship centers), where people talk into the microphone from a greater distance, or where several talkers are grouped side by side. Two different lengths are available. The .exible joint ensures optimum alignment of the gooseneck to any talker position. Several options are available for installation, i.e., stand, tabletop installation, and lockable.

Choosing polar patterns

Selecting the correct polar pattern for installed sound is difficult since it depends on a variety of factors. Of course the acoustics of the room play a key role. For highly reverberant rooms such as worship centers, a hypercardioid polar pattern will be the best choice to avoid high levels of unwanted noise. Correct placement of the loudspeakers is also essential. If the speakers project right at the capsule, a hypercardioid will be your best bet. The most difficult task, however, is trying to judge how the talkers will behave. For talkers who are inexperienced or move around a lot, be sure to choose a cardioid polar pattern for reliable pickup; talkers at a greater distance from the mic will be served best by a hypercardioid.

More Information
Specifications Microphone Response :50 to 19,
000 Hz,
Microphone Maximum SPL : 125 dB,
Microphone Impedance : <=600 ohms,
Microphone Powering : 9 to 52 V phantom power,
Microphone self Noise : <21 dB-A,
Microphone Connector : 3-pin male XLR,
Microphone Signal-to-Noise : >73 dB,
Microphone sensitivity : 12 mV/PA,
13.5mm x 380 mm,
Physical Weight : 480 g
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