Acoustitile 55 Pro Absorption Foam Tile 50mm

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Pro55 brings a 55kg heavyweight foam to the audio industry. 500 x 500 x 50 mm
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An industry first; Studiospares Acoustitile Pro55 brings a 55kg foam to the Audio Industry at a 30kg price.

These tiles destroy reverberation putting you in control of the overall sound. Problematic low frequencies where the acoustic energy is the highest requires a high density foam to have any significant effect. Acoustitile Pro55 has the highest density of any commercially available tile which is reflected in its performance where it hits difficult lower frequencies head on. They feature a complex computer modelled profile to maximise the active surface area in contact with the sound waves. Shallow pyramid designs hardly increase the surface area rendering them less effective.



Acoustitile's combination of height and profile yields a huge surface area which significantly increases the mid and high frequency absorption. Acoustitile Pro55 is a Polyester based Polyurethane foam. It has a uniform cell structure and better air permeability thus providing enhanced sound absorption over a wider range of frequencies. The chemical mix also includes fire retardants which achieves UL94 HF-1 approval. It is a genuine acoustic foam, not mattress or furniture foam. Competitive products use foams with a density of between 10kg - 32kg. Most manufacturers do not quote density figures but sell on hype.



- Size 500mm × 500mm

- Height (Base + Pyramid height) 50mm

- Colour grey