Acousticheck 30 Absorption Kit 9 Tiles Foam 50mm

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9xAcousticheck 30 is based on a genuine acoustic foam. 500 x 500 x 50 mm.
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Acousticheck 30 is based on a genuine acoustic foam which at this price out performs any competitive product. Mid and high frequencies are obliterated whilest low frequencies are well contained particularly by the 100mm version. The profile looks 'Technical' because it is computer generated to maximise the surface area which in turn maximises the absorption. Low frequency performance depends on the foams thickness and density. At 30kg/cu metre this tile is only beaten by its sister, the Acoustitile Pro55.

Problematic low frequencies (where the acoustic energy is the highest) require a high density foam like the Acousticheck 30 to have any significant effect. It has a uniform cell structure and better air permeability thus providing enhanced sound absorption over a wider range of frequencies. Competitive products have densities down to 10kg/cu metre which underlines the Acousticheck's superior performance. Most manufacturers do not quote density figures but sell on hype. The chemical mix also includes fire retardants which achieve UL94 HF-1 approval.


- Size 500mm x 500mm

- Height (Base + Pyramid height) 50mm

- Colour grey

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