Studiospares UCT2 Ultimate Cable Tester with 2 AA Batteries

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Cable testing has never been easier with the Studiospares UCT2 Ultimate Cable Tester
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Studiospares UCT2 Ultimate Cable Tester with 2 AA Batteries

Broken or intermittent cables are the bane of every engineer's life. It has become industry best practice to always test cables before your big session, and the UCT2 Ultimate Cable Tester helps get the job done quickly and efficiently. Simply plug each end of the cable in and watch the LED readout. The all metal construction makes this product hard wearing, suitable for a roadie tool case or the studio.

Tested in our Cable Workshop
We have been using the UCT2 Cable Tester in our own cable making workshop here in NW London for several months, putting it to good use testing the thousands of professional Neutrik leads made on our premises every month.

There are two banks of connectors, one to the left and the other to the right. They are spread along the top surface and down each side.

Two parallel rows of 8 Red and 8 Green LEDs are adjacent running across the middle of the unit. The Red LEDs show which pin is under investigation and the Green LED below lights to confirm a connection exists.

There are two modes of testing, Manual and Automatic. In Manual mode pushing the buttons either side of the On-Off switch moves the pin to be tested either up or down. The unit defaults to pin 1 when switching on. In Auto Mode the UCT2 scans from pin 1 upwards to pin 8. The complete scan takes four seconds.

For example if pin 1 Red causes pin 1 Green to ignite then all is OK. If however Green pin 3 illuminates then pin 1 and 3 are joined.

Facilites and Pin Connections

  • XLR 1= Ground 2= Hot/+ 3= Negative/-
  • Jack/TRS. 1= Sleeve. 2= Tip 3= Ring
  • Mini Jack 3.5mm. 1= Sleeve. 2= Tip 3= Ring
  • Phono - Phono
  • 4pin Speakon/Speakloc 1= +1 2= -1 3= +2 4=-2
  • 8 pin Speakon/Speakloc 1= +1 2= -1 3= +2 4=-2 5= +3 6= -3 7= +4 8= -4
  • S-Video 1= Ground (Y) 2= Ground (C) 3= Y 4= C
  • USB A to USB B MIDI - MIDI 5 pin
  • 8 pin DIN - 8 pin DIN
  • RJ-45 Data. 1= TX_D1 2= TX_D1 3= RX-D2 4= BI-D3+ 5= BI-D3 6= RX-D2 7= BI-D4 8= MBL-D4

Rubber feet to protect surfaces. 

Convenient carrying handle.

Powering by two AA batteries (code 635570) - included in this bundle.

Buy the UCT2 without batteries - Code 459180

Specifications Physical Height : 235 mm,
Physical width : 120 mm,
Physical depth : 40 mm