Studiospares Pro PA Speaker Stand (Single)

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A highly portable quality aluminium speaker stand with a 2015 mm height and a 60Kg load capacity which makes it second to none.
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Studiospares Pro PA Speaker Stand  (Single)

A highly portable quality aluminium speaker stand with a 2015mm height and a 60kg load capacity which makes it second to none.

Supporting up to 60Kg of speaker two metres above the ground with entertainers and an audience around it’s reassuring to know the stand is the finest currently available.

Carrying the stands around it soon becomes apparent they are made of aluminium not heavy steel.
Both the height adjusting sleeve and base that connects everything together are tough die castings and not plastic which becomes brittle left in a cold van overnight.
The height adjusting sleeve clamp includes a steel retaining safety pin passing through the pole plus a woven nylon tie line to save the pin from being lost.
To maintain the smart appearance the stand is Matte Black Powder Coated which is baked on for a long lasting smart appearance.

This product will satisfy the most critical user. Safety is built in which is to be expected from a quality product.

It’s reassuring to known we hold all spares for this product in Luton.



  • Metal not plastic components for safety critical parts.
  • Higher weight capacity through better components and Computer Aided Design (CAD).
  • Fits 35mm top hats. Reverse the pole to suit 38mm top hats.
  • Gradual height adjustment.
  • Legs splay out 1.25m to provide greater stability.
  • All components available as spare parts.
  • Chunky feet limit sliding and protect flooring.
  • ROHS compliant Black Powder Coating is more durable than paint spraying.
  • Spares in stock in Luton.




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  • Pole material Aluminium.
  • Load capacity 60kg.
  • Height adjustable using clamp 1300mm - 2015mm with legs set to maximum stability of 1.25m. Reduced to 1300mm - 2000mm using safety pin. 
  • Upper pole diameter 35mm and 38mm reversed.
  • Lower pole diameter 41mm.
  • Distance between feet 1.25m.
  • Weight 3.0kg.
  • Colour Black.