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Novation Circuit Groovebox Synth Drum Machine
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Novation Circuit Groovebox Synth Drum Machine

Product Code: 392760

The Novation Circuit is a portable synth and drum sequencer that allows you to create entire tracks with the 128 steps sequencing with a host of extra Modulation, FX and Quantization controls that allow you to perform anywhere you go.

Novation Circuit Groovebox Synth Drum Machine £253.68 (INC VAT)
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Novation Circuit Grid-Based Groovebox

The Novation Circuit is an innovative grid-based groovebox that raises the bar for what can be expected from a digital synth and drum machine. The built in step sequencer offers up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns, that musicians and performers can use to start making electronic music in minutes. With the same great sound that you would expect from a Novation digital synth, but wrapped in a light and portable design.

Including 64 drum patches, 64 synth patches, 16 delays and 8 reverbs, as well as plenty of quantization features - the Novation Circuit is menacing in how much power it delivers. The extensive list of features that the Novation Circuit offers, and the quality of each feature makes it clear why it was awarded the MusicTech award for best innovation in 2015.

We suggest that the Circuit is one of the industry's finest drum and synth sequencer, delivering both an amazing product and great support, and now introducing the Novation Circuit Components, a suite of tools that give you everything you need to design, create and customise your own unique instrument. Including up to 60 seconds of sampling space across 64 slots to be used for drums, one-shots, clicks, pops, bangs, chords, synth stabs and samples.


Drum Mode

The Novation Circuit has made it incredibly simple to create a drum pattern in the step sequencer, simply press play and you can start programming your drum beat straight away with the 64 integrated drum patches. The eight macros at the top of the Circuit allow for changes to the tonality of each of the drum step and can be recorded for a more dynamic and expressive pattern. To get a full understanding of the drum mode, Novation have created an instructional video called Novation // Circuit - Getting Started - Beats that will walk you through the different features of creating a drum pattern, including swing and tempo.


Synth Mode

The Novation Circuit has a powerful synth engine that easily allows you to layer synths voices over the percussion track, creating a bass line and lead synth in seconds. There are 64 synth patches to choose from to start with, but the Macros across the top allow you to further customize your patterns and performance. Building on the previous video, Novation have created an instructional video called Novation // Circuit - Getting Started - Synths that shows you how to add a lead synth and bass line to your drum pattern, plus demonstrating the nudge controls.


Mixer & FX Mode

The Novation Circuit allows for automated mixer fx that add depth, dynamics and space to your performance. There are 16 delays and 8 reverbs to choose from that can be automated, so if you feel like you need an 80s snare hit with an extra long reverb tail, it is within your control to add this in under the FX control window. To guide you though the Mixer & FX, Novation have created an instructional video called Novation // Circuit - Getting Started - Mixer & FX that will help to explain how you can begin adding FX to your performances.


Sample Import

The Novation Circuit has evolved since its launch in 2015, and moving beyond its roots as a step sequencer and digital synth, the Novation Circuit now offers up to 60 seconds of sample importing that can be mapped anywhere on the 4x8 grid of RGB, velocity-sensitive sequencer pads. To get you started on your new sampler, Novation have created an instructional video called Novation // Circuit - Sample Import that will show you just how easy it is to add your own sounds to the Novation Circuit.


Key Features

  • 2-part Nova-heritage analogue-modelled +wavetable synthesiser
  • 4-part drum machine
  • 4x8 grid of RGB, velocity-sensitive sequencer pads
  • MiniNova spec oscillator types and updated with new wavetables
  • 64 production-ready patches
  • Step sequence or build live
  • Lock your music in time and key
  • Tweak using 8 synth macro encoders with RGB LEDs
  • Record and play back your tweaks
  • Combine up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns
  • Add awesome delay and reverb effects
  • 32 slots for saving sessions
  • Create your own synth patches using Circuit Editor
  • Add your samples with Sample Import
  • Compact and battery powered
  • Built-in DSP-enhanced speaker
  • Pads and knobs, and sequence works with computer and hardware via  USB and MIDI

What's in the box

  • Novation Circuit
  • USB cable
  • 2 MIDI breakout cables: 3.5mm jack to female 5 pin din
  • Printed Getting Started Guide
  • Circuit patches sheet
  • Safety information sheet
  • 6x AA batteries included
  • 12V DC power supply included


Included Software

  • Access to the Sound Collective
  • Ableton Live Lite music making software
  • 4 GB of Loopmasters sounds and samples
  • Free Melodics lessons

Novation Circuit Tutorials


Write A Review

We would love to hear about your experiences with the Novation Circuit, so why not leave us a review under the reviews tab and let us know?

Hardware Specifications

- 32 RGB backlit velocity sensitive button grid

- 28 RGB backlit function buttons

- 8 Continuous pots with RGB indicator LEDs

- Dedicated filter and volume pots

- 1/4" jack sockets for left and right outputs

- Two MIDI sockets (3.5mm jack sockets with MIDI din break-out cables)

- USB B 2.0

- Front-mounted 3.5mm jack socket for headphones

- Integrated speaker

- Rubberised knob caps

- Rotary controls secured to the chassis with metal nuts

- Power supply connector

- Power switch

- Battery compartment for 6x AA batteries (included)

- Kensington Security Slot


Sound Engine

- 2 Nova synths

- 4 Part drum machine

- 6 Note polyphonic per synth

- 64 Synth patches

- 64 Drum patches

- 8 Synth macro controls (Control up to 4 parameters with one knob)

- 4 Drum parameter controls (Pitch, Decay, Distortion, Filter)

- Mixer view with levels and mutes

- Master FX with individual track sends

- 16 Delays

- 8 Reverbs

- Sidechain effect (7 types and off). Triggered from Drum 1

- Hi-pass / low-pass master filter



- 32 Sessions

- 6 Tracks per session (2 Synth and 4 Drum)

- 8 Patterns per track (Synth 1, Synth 2, Drum 1&2, Drum 3&4)

- 16 Demo sessions

- Real time record (notes, with velocity and automation)

- Auto-quantise notes to steps and automation to 6 events per step

- 50 Automation parameters (up to 4800 events per pattern)

- Internal tempo range 40 - 240

- External synced tempo range 30 - 300

- Swing 20 - 80%


Real Time Performance

- Full range velocity scanning and record. Editable to 16 levels

- 16 Scale types and chromatic transposition

- Synth expand view doubles playable area

- Drum expand view allows real time drum record

- Octave (input) and pattern octave (edit)

- Pattern length and nudge

- Configurable pattern chain

- Session instant switching and queued switch



- Velocity and gate per step

- Multiple gate lengths per step (via real time record)

- Automation edit per step

- Clear step, automation parameter per pattern, pattern, session

- Duplicate step, pattern


Software Compatibility

- Ableton Live Lite 9 is included

- Circuit will also work as a standard USB-MIDI controller.


Power Requirements

- Circuit can be powered using 6x AA batteries or a power supply (both included). It can not be powered via USB

- Maximum power consumption 12V DC 600mA

Magazine Reviews
Resident Advisor, October 2015 "As a tool for sparking creativity and serving as a sketchpad for new ideas, this little groovebox is pretty much unmatched at its price." MusicTech Magazine, January 2016 "It is without a doubt about the most musical fun you can have with one box and no computer, and I haven’t made music so quickly in 20-odd years of reviewing gear."
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