Acoustistop 1.2m x 1m Vinyl Sound Blocking Sheet

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Acoustistop is non invasive and highly effective dense rubber barrier; better at soundproofing than all foam products.
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ACOUSTISTOP 1.2m X 1m SOUND BARRIER SHEET Reducing the level of sound coming through walls and ceilings is a huge problem. The high energy levels developed by modern bass drivers and, more importantly, by playing musicians, makes keeping sound in a difficult issue. On the other side of the wall they are trying to keep the sound out. Both problems can be reduced by adding mass to the adjoining wall.

Bricks, breezeblock and Thermalite are effective but raise many practical problems. The simplest way is to add mass to the existing wall. In industry, lead sheet has been used sndwiched between walls. Logically then why not attach the sheeting to the face of the wall Acoustistop is non-invasive and can be very efficient.

Acoustistop is a lead substitute which bypasses all the problems associated with lead. Acoustistop consists of a mineral loaded Polymeric Barrier with a mass of 5kg/m and a thickness of 2mm. Size 3m x 1.2m. Also available in 3m lengths. Code: 465070

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