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MOTU Machfive

Product Code: 375350

MOTU MACHFIVE 2 MOTU Mach5 2 delivers the very latest cutting-edge sampling technology by merging...

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MOTU MACHFIVE 2 MOTU Mach5 2 delivers the very latest cutting-edge sampling technology by merging four worlds of advanced sound design: samples, loops, synthesis and effects. With MOTU MachFive 2 Now you can import, edit, synthesize, process and play multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases in MachFive`s unified, intuitive environment. MachFive 2 is the complete solution for sample library playback and sound design, with unprecedented compatibility and interoperability with all major plug-in hosts, sound libraries and sample formats on both Mac and Windows. Even if you use multiple platforms, hosts and library formats, MachFive 2 is the last sampler you`ll ever need to buy. MachFive 2 includes four dual-layer, 8GB soundbank DVDs that contain approximately 32GB of world-class sounds. The DVDs include a staggering array of multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases, including premium material recorded at 192kHz. DVD 2 provides a stunning 24-bit 96kHz 8GB sampled grand piano. DVD 3 supplies surround instruments and loops. DVD 4 provides the VSL Orchestra MachFive Edition: an exclusive collection of expressive orchestra sounds from the most respected name in orchestra sound libraries. No other sampler can match the across-the-board compatibility and interoperability of MachFive 2. MOTU MachFive 2 supports every major software instrument plug-in format platform (MAS, VST, AU, RTAS and DXi), as well as stand-alone application operation on both Mac OS X (with full Universal Binary support for G5 and Intel CPUs) and Windows (XP and Vista, 32 and 64 bit). You can effortlessly move from one platform to another and collaborate with colleagues who use different audio software or even different computer operating systems. For example, you might write and track in Digital Performer or Logic on the Mac, and then move to Pro Tools running under Windows for mixing. Just save a MachFive 2 performance in DP or Logic, load it into Pro Tools, along with your MIDI tracks, and you are ready to go. MachFive 2 is the first truly Universal Software Sampler. MachFive 2 opens and reads all major sampler library and audio file formats directly - even legacy sampler discs like Kurzweil K2xxx and the Roland S-700 series. Your computer can`t read these discs, but MachFive 2 can. There is no need for time consuming file format conversion. Just load presets directly from the disc. You can even create and save disc images to any hard drive, and MachFive 2 will read directly from the disc image as if the CD were in the drive. MOTU MachFive 2 supports all current instrument plug-in standards on both Mac and Windows platforms. Perhaps you run a commercial studio that offers several different sequencing packages to its clients. Because MachFive 2 runs in any Mac or Windows sequencer that supports virtual instruments, you now have the same sounds and instruments available, regardless of which sequencer you use. MachFive 2 is also directly compatible with notation software titles such as Finale and Sibelius. Because MOTU MachFive 2 works in stand-alone mode, you can take your laptop computer to a gig, load your sounds, and use MachFive 2 for live performance. MachFive 2 provides disk streaming on a per instrument basis for efficient memory usage. Enable disk streaming for the included 8GB Grand Piano, so only 40MB of RAM is used to load the instrument. Disable disk streaming for shorter samples, such as percussion instruments, to maximize hard drive efficiency. For sound design, live performance, music production, or broadcast, MachFive 2 delivers the perfect balance of superb audio quality, ease of operation, and across-the-board compatibility. Features : * System Requirements: Mac OS X - 10.3.9 or higher, Windows - XP or Vista, 32 or 64 bit * Unique, unified design provides instruments, loops, phrases and synthesis in one simple window * Second generation 32-bit UVI Engine, superb sound quality up to 24-bit/192kHz * Unlimited parts (unlimited multi-timbral operation) * Unlimited polyphony and ultra low software latency * Unlimited sample keygroups and keygroup layers * Up to 200 discrete audio outputs (depending on host) * Up to 256 MIDI channels (depending on host) * Three-dimensional layered keygroup mapping with unlimited layers and dynamic, programmable-rule-based layer switching * Built-in graphic mixer with faders, FX inserts, metering and unlimited channels * Disk streaming; can be enabled per part * New modular synthesis architecture with two synth engines (organ drawbar and vintage analog); program and play synth * Powerful modulation matrix with controller mapping * Multi-point envelopes with unlimited control points; sync envelopes to the host tempo * Drag and drop audio import/export * Advanced time-stretching and pitch-shifting engine * LoopLab beat-slicing editing of multi-channel loops; playback at any tempo with or without stretching; sample, stretch, and slice loop engines * Full-screen keygroup/sample editor with unlimited undo/redo, batch processing, and 47 DSP effects * Multichannel surround support with multiple outputs * Plug-in or stand-alone operation * Multi-column browser for fast and easy navigation; audition loops & samples while browsing * 47 built-in effects with hundreds of presets * Support for multi-effects with over 100 multi presets * Flexible effects architecture; apply effects at any level, from individual samples up to the entire mix * One-click MIDI controller mapping for nearly all settings * Automatic keyboard mapping of imported samples via advanced pitch-detection and velocity algorithm * Supports all major 3rd-party hardware and software sample library formats * Reads other sample formats directly from disc - no time-consuming importing required * Reads GigaStudio libraries directly, including multi-layer instruments ("dimensions") * Mount non-Mac/Windows sample CDs on your desktop and then read sounds directly from disc image * Includes 32GB (four 8GB DVDs) of ready-to-play instruments, loops & phrases * Drag and drop import of all major audio file formats including WAVE, AIFF, SDII, REX, Apple Loops
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