Crown XTi2 4002 Power Amp

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2400W Power Amplifier
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  XTi 1002 XTi 2002 XTi 4002 XTi 6002
2Ω Stereo (per ch.) 700W 1000W 1600W 3000W
4Ω Stereo (per ch.) 500W 800W 1200W 2100W
8Ω Stereo (per ch.) 275W 475W 650W 1200W
8Ω Bridge-Mono 1000W 1600W 2400W 4200W
4Ω Bridge-Mono 1400W 2000W 3200W 6000W


There's no debate - when you choose Crown's XTi 2 Series, you're choosing one of the most powerful and innovative amplifiers on the market today. That's because the all-new XTi 2 Series amps continue to set the standard for unmatched performance and value, delivering the goods night after night without breaking a sweat. With such innovations as a universal tracking switch-mode power supply and a fully integrated suite of speaker processing tools, these amps are at the top of their class when it comes to thermal efficiency and system flexibility. You also have greatly improved control capabilities. The addition of Peakx Plus Limiters gives you full command over threshold, attack and release, and we enhanced the Subharmonic Synth so you can easily manage frequency, gain and filter type, allowing for application- specific tuning. Plus, you'll now be able to tailor fan speed for specific applications and have software visibility of the Power Supply Temperature and AC Line Voltage. Combine all of that with integrated cast- aluminum rack handles for maximum durability and portability and you have the power to move you - and the world.


* Peakx Plus Limiters provide the ultimate in system performance and protection by allowing full control over threshold, attack, and release
* Enhanced Subharmonic Synth section provides user control over frequency, gain and filter type for system-specific tuning
* 3 User-defined fan mode controls - normal, early and fullspeed - for matching fan performance to a specific application
* New system monitoring provides software visibility of AC line voltage and power supply temperature
* Integrated cast-aluminum handles for easy handling and enhanced durability
* Locking power cord clip provides a secure connection between the amplifier and power cord
* Updated HiQnet Band Manager and System Architect control software
* Increased number of presets to a total of 50; 49 of which are user definable