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Dynacord Powermate 1000

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DYNACORD POWERMATE 1000 All the function groups of the PowerMate are 100% professional in terms o...

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DYNACORD POWERMATE 1000 All the function groups of the PowerMate are 100% professional in terms of their design and specification. First comes the mixing section, where you will find high-quality, discrete microphone preamps, new, dustproof ALPS faders (specially developed for the PowerMate) with very high attenuation even in the HF range, 48V phantom power switchable to the channels in groups of six and a dynamic range that would put most dedicated professional mixers to shame. AUX 3+4 are separately switchable pre/post fader. Then come the ultra-efficient Class H power amplifiers, which now deliver 2 x 700 W into 4 Ohms. They are equipped with dynamic limiters, an extensive range of protections and the patented LPN filter for clearly improved bass performance. Finally in the effects section, the two digital effects processors offer 99 studio quality presets each and are individually foot-switchable. On top of these, there are many other useful features designed to solve special problems, such as the two feedback filters, the vocal voicing filter and the standby switch. This is a powered mixer that can also be used as a pure mixer, with power amplifiers every bit as good as dedicated 19` concert sound amplifiers, and studio quality effects specially optimised for live performance. Housed in a robust case with a sturdy metal lid, the PowerMate is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. Pro-mixing The discrete microphone preamps of the PowerMate 1000 combine outstanding audio quality with extremely low noise and distortion, setting new standards in professional mixing technology. Ergonomically designed gain controls with a range of 60 dB, groupswitchable phantom power, vocal voicing filters, 3-band EQ with semiparametric mids, four aux sends, PFL, Mute, dust-proof ALPS faders, 2 x 7-band graphic EQs, feedback filters and four stereo channels are just some of the other professional features. Pro-power The integrated high-efficiency Class H power amplifiers deliver an impressive 2 x 700 watts into 4 ohms and an absolutely safe 2 x 870 watts into 2.66 ohms with comparatively little heat build-up. All the protective circuits with which the Dynacord 19` amplfiers are equipped are present here, including protections against overheating, short-circuits and DC voltage and HF and back EMF protection. The flow of current at power up is limited and there is a short delay before power is switched to the loudspeaker outputs. An LPN filter and a super-fast dynamic audio limiter are further Dynacord-typical features. Pro-effects Two parallel and individually controlled 24-bit stereo digital effects devices with 48-bit algorithms offer a total of 2 x 99 live-optimised presets in studio quality. User-friendly Up/Down keys are used to select between room reverb, plate reverb, echo reverb, chorus reverb, mono/stereo delay, modulated delay effects (like chorus and flanger) and a large number of other special effects. Your preferred starting presets can be stored in program mode so as to be instantly available next time you switch on the device. The effects returns can be switched into or out of the signal path using either one footswitch for both of the integrated effects devices or a separate footswitch for each. MIC / LINE CHANNELS The MIC/LINE channels of the new PowerMate are outstandingly well-equipped and offer a multitude of useful extras. To allow the use of condenser microphones, phantom power can be switched to the channels in groups of six. Inserts in each mono channel permit the external processing of the microphone signals. Ergonomically designed GAIN pots with a range of 60 dB plus Signal Present and Peak LEDs beside the faders provide optimum control over the performance of the discrete microphone preamps. A switchable 80 Hz LO-CUT FILTER is provided for the suppression of low frequency noise. The 3-band EQ section includes a sweepable (100 Hz - 8 kHz) semi-parametric MID, a LO-SHELV at 60 Hz and a HISHELV at 12 kHz with a control range of +/- 15 dB in each case. AUX1 and AUX2 are switched post-fade and control the level of signal sent to the onboard effects devices FX1 and FX2. AUX3 and AUX4 are designed to be switched pre-fade for separate monitor mixes but can also be switched post-fade to supply additional effects devis in the sum. The channel strips also include PAN pots as well as PFL and MUTE switches, each with its own LED. Ultrahigh quality dust-protected ALPS faders with extremely high maximum attenuation levels control the ratios of the individual channels. FEEDBACK FILTER The AUX3 and AUX4 auxiliary sends offer switchable anti-feedback filters, sweepable over the range 80Hz - 7.7kHz, for the swift and precise elimination of feedback between the microphones and monitor loudspeakers (a common problem) and for which an additional equaliser would otherwise be needed. VOCAL VOICING FILTER With its special asymmetric structure, this filter, which can be switched to each micchannel separately, emphasizes the frequency range in which the fundamental tones of the human voice are located, raising the profile of the vocals within the overall mix. This type of contouring, which cannot be achieved using ordinary EQ, solves the problem of `thin voices`. MIC / STEREO LINE CHANNELS The MIC/STEREO LINE channels differ from the mono channels in having separate GAIN MIC and LINE TRIM controls instead of the LO-CUT and VOCAL VOICING switches, 3-band equalisation (LO, MID and HI) and a BALANCE control instead of the PAN control offered by the mono channels. MASTER SECTION In the master section, too, you`ll find PowerMates are exceptionally well-equipped. Faders are provided for the returns of the integrated effects devices, FX1 and FX2, as well as for the AUX3 and AUX4 sends and the stereo MASTER. The left and right channels of the 2 x 7-band equaliser used to neutralise problematic room acoustics (with frequency bands optimised for live performance) are separately switchable and adjustable. The AUX1 and AUX2 sends can be used to supply separate effects devices, either parallel to the internal ones or on their own, and have individual level controls. There is an additional MONO OUT, switchable pre/post. Power, Limit and Clip LEDs and a 2 x 12 LED Master Display provide a clear overview of the operating state. The 2- TRACK RETURN allows a line input signal - e.g. from a tape machine - to be fed into the sum or AUX3 and AUX4 monitor sends with individual level control. Also on hand is a STANDBY switch that eliminates the mixer section altogether, in which case only the signals om the 2-TRACK RETURN are fed to the built-in amplifier. STAGELIGHT To permit the swift and sure operation of the PowerMate on dark stages during live performances, a socket is provided for an XLR gooseneck light (12V, 2.4W) PROTECTIVE LID Included in the delivery is a robust, metal lid that clicks shut and allows the PowerMate to be transported safely without the need for an additional flightcase. HANDLES Easy and problem-free handling is assured by a beam running the entire width of the device at the front and the ergonomically-shaped handles recessed into the sides.
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