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RME Quadmic II 4 Channel Mic Preamp
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RME Quadmic II 4 Channel Mic Preamp

Product Code: 377550

A first choice for superior studio recordings.

£429.00 (INC VAT)
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QuadMic II

Excellent signal/noise ratio, lowest harmonic distortions and wide gain range make the QuadMic II a first choice for superior studio recordings. QuadMic II is battery powerable and thus excellent for remote applications.

Each of the 4 channels features balanced microphone and line inputs with Neutrik XLR/TRS combo jacks, switchable 48V phantom power, phase reversal and a low cut filter.

All channels are also equipped with LEDs for signal presence, clip state, and activated phantom power. The input amplification can be set from 6 to 60 dB. The balanced line level output signals are provided on the rear of the unit as four 6.3 mm (1/4") TRS jacks.

A maximum balanced and unbalanced output level of +21 dBu makes the QuadMic II fully compatible to RME's converters and interface series having analog inputs.

The QuadMic II complements any RME system with line inputs by adding external microphone inputs. Since the unit runs on supply voltages from 9 to 18V DC, it can operate on virtually any power source available, including batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 24 May 2014
    I have been happy with my Spirit LX7 for years, but it was time for me to invest in some higher spec mic preamps to give me a more accurate signal into my computer. I did loads of research and I was gobsmacked by the spec of this little box, given the price, and you get 4 preamps for your money. The spec is comparable with single top-end mic pres at twice the price! When I plugged it in, I was not disappointed. The noise-floor is virtually non-existant and the sound is breathtakingly pure, with a solid bottom end, and real clarity in the mids and top end. It is designed as a portable unit, and it is sure small and light enough to do that job. However, the low-voltage input means the case is not earthed, which in turn means you have to be careful where you install it; putting it too close to other bits of gear can result in a slight mains hum creeping in, particularly when phantom power is applied. If you want a flattering or warm tone then don't buy this unit. But if you want a pure, clean signal that you can process later, this is for you. An excellent piece of precise German engineering.