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Focusrite ISA828
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Focusrite ISA828

Product Code: 389580

8 Channel Mic Pre Amp.

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Focusrite ISA828 8-Channel Microphone Preamp

The Focusrite ISA 828 microphone preamplifier provides eight channels of professional quality preamplification, with a design that is based closely on the original by Rupert Neve. These preamps were originally designed for Sir George Martin's AIR Studios, but Focusrite managed to turn these extremely high end amplifiers in to a compact 2U package. This puts the golden era of recording studios in to your home at a more affordable price than an entire mixing console. With one of the Focusrite ISA Series preamps in your studio, there is nothing standing between you and your mix. These eight ISA Series transformers are the original Lundahl L1538 used in the Focusrite Fort Console and include the bespoke zobel network.
The preamps are complemented by eight line inputs, eight line outputs and an optional eight channel 192kHz A-D converter boasting a dynamic range of 122dB. Thanks to its convenient 25 pin D-Type connectors, the ISA828 also integrates quickly and seamlessly with ProTools HD, as well as other popular hard disc recorders and mixing desks. More information about the ISA828 A-D converter option can be found here<=link to ISA428/828 ADC option page>.
The microphone input stage additionally includes a variable impedance circuit, allowing the user to switch between four carefully selected input impedance settings. The original ISA110 setting is supplemented by three further impedance settings to either perfectly match the preamp with any microphone, thus maximising level, or to use different settings creatively to shape the sound of the microphone being used.
 The four front panel instrument inputs also feature high and low impedance options to provide a comprehensive and accessible DI solution. Insert switches are also featured on every channel, should the need arise to place extra processing between the preamp and converter. Vintage design 75 Hz / 18dB per octave high pass filters are also provided on every channel, ensuring unwanted low frequencies are effectively eliminated.
 Finally, every channel features a six LED input meter, complete with global precise meter trim. Metering has been designed to utilise the same reference points as Digidesign's Pro Tools HD system and provides clear and accurate input metering, independent of the DAW.
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