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Drawmer 1969 Vacuum Tube Compressor

Product Code: 379320

The 1969 is a new product that derives from a collaboration between two of the audio industry's most established names...

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Drawmer 1969 Vacuum Tube Compressor

The Drawmer 1969 is a dual channel vacuum tube compressor, offering a warm compression that is musical and effective at reducing dynamic range in performances. There are two microphone and two line inputs, so that you can record with a compressor in real time, or use the compressor in post-production editing. There are a total of six insert points on the back - three inserts are rated as professional +4dBu, and the other three are consumer audio -10dBV. There are two balanced line level outputs using XLR Male connectors, so the Drawmer 1969 will be compatible with most professional audio equipment.

The front panel includes several controls for an auxiliary input, with additional controls for bass and treble attenuation. The microphone pre-amplifiers have individual gain controls, and must be selected as either 'mic' source for dynamic and ribbons, or 'mic 48V' for condenser and active ribbon microphones. The compressor includes three controls for Threshold, Attack, and Release. Once you have reduced the dynamics of the performance, you may want to introduce more gain to bring the overall volume up. The Drawmer 1969 also includes a Stereo Link for any application where you need the same compression on both channels.


Key Features

  • Three Inserts, 2 professional +4dBu insert points and a side chain insert, plus an additional three insert points for -10dBV commercial audio.
  • Balanced Mic / Line Inputs, for clean audio with reduced noise collected over long cable lengths.
  • Stereo Link On/Off Button, for choice of stereo compression that is essential for drum overheads, piano, or small ensembles.
  • Vacuum Tube, for warm and saturated sounds that have more character than digital sounds that often distort when driven too loud.
  • Side Chain Compression, for the ability to use an external source to control your compression. Useful for compression of a bass guitar to the beat of a kick drum.


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