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Esmono 2.85m x 2m x 2.2m Room
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Esmono 2.85m x 2m x 2.2m Room

Product Code: 411560

Stop your music from annoying the neighbours Or the person in the next room Do you need to keep outside noise from affecting your recordings at the crucial moment or are you also looking for a cost- effective solution, one that looks good.

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Esmono 2.85m x 2m x 2.2m Room

**Heavy Item Dispatch Charges will apply for international orders of this item. Please get in touch with us before placing your order.**

(please note, this product is 2.2m high and not 2.85m high as wrongly advertised on page 285of the 2011 Studiospares Catalogue)


ESMONO SOUND ACOUSTIC ISOLATION ROOM Would you like to stop your music from annoying the neighbours Or the person in the next room Do you need to keep outside noise from affecting your recordings at the crucial moment Are you also looking for a cost-effective solution, one that looks good, and that you can take with you if you move on elsewhere If so, it may well be worth looking at the Esmono Isolation Booths.

There are 6 standard sizes available, up to 4m x 3.7m, while for each size you can choose a height of 2m or 2.2m. Custom sizes can also be arranged. With over 200 sold in the UK in a fairly short space of time they are becoming increasingly popular for studios, colleges and universities, broadcast facilities, and even in private homes.

If you haven`t yet seen the Esmono Booth, call Roy (or email - to make an appointment to see - and more importantly, hear - a demonstration of its capabilities at our premises at Staples Corner.

If London is not convenient, we may be able to arrange a viewing through one of our customers, anywhere from Bournemouth to Glasgow, Ireland to Saudi Arabia! For more information about the Booths, first try clicking on `Further Details`. In addition we have many pages of further information about the design and installation of the booths, which are available upon request.

ESMONO SOUND ISOLATION ROOMS BACKGROUND AND FURTHER INFORMATION Studiospares have for some time been investigating Acoustic Isolation Rooms. Building a room within a room is generally the only answer to overcoming the problem of sound leakage. Partition walls can be built, floors isolated, windows blocked, ceilings filled with sand, chimneys blocked etc. etc. If at the end of all this the results are less than acceptable then time and money have been wasted. Furthermore, if the project moves to alternative premises then re-instating the premises can be costly. This Esmono room can be re-assembled elsewhere as often as required. Installing a proven design which can be tailored to practically any requirement is easily the quickest and most cost effective way. Someone else has done the design work, you simply assemble that proven design into reality within a day. THE SECRET IS IN THE DESIGN On investigating products from across Europe and the USA it became apparent that such rooms were individually tailored to the clients` requirements which is very costly. With practically all designs being from Germany or the USA we concluded that such projects would be problematic. Transportation and erection would also prove very expensive. We finally tracked down a company producing a product which was visually very attractive, easily assembled and which cost substantially less than trying to sound proof a room. The secret is that it is built of metal and the design has been proven in hundreds of installations. All other designs we have seen from Europe were of wooden construction simply because it was carpenters who designed the rooms for their clients. One German manufacturer admitted they were considering metal based products in the future because of their inherent superiority. An American product also of metal and very similar in concept costs four times the Esmono Room`s price. STOPS THE SOUND DEAD One of the most effective ways of stopping a sound passing through a wall is to line it with lead. It is so dense that it simply does not vibrate to acoustic energy. Steel is not quite so dense but it is between ten and a hundred times more dense than most woods. The acoustic principle behind the use of metal is to consider a cymbal struck by a stick. It rings like mad until the cymbal is touched with a finger when it stops dead. Using a metal wall which has sound absorbing material pressed against it illustrates the concept. DETAILS OF THE CONSTRUCTION This room is based on standardised panels finished in white. The same wall panels are also used for the ceiling. The panel is fabricated from metal 1.5mm thick. It is either 2.0m or 2.2m high and 800mm wide. The inside wall is perforated. Contained inside the panel is a sandwich of two dissimilar sound materials. The material behind the perforations controls sound reflections within the room, the second material in contact with the outside wall absorbs any sound within the cavity. Adjacent panels and corners are simply held together with four screws. The edge between panels has a special sticky backed expanding foam applied during erection. This foam expands to fill any tiny air gaps between panels. This keeps the join between panels air tight. The metal door is pulled closed very tightly by a lever mechanism in the handle assembly. This compresses a rubber gasket that produces an airtight seal. The door includes a double glazed window 1360 high x 200mm wide. The door can open in or out and can be hung to open left or right by simply hanging it the other way up. Depending on the buildings structure and the type of floor (concrete or wood), the room is designed to be built with a floor consisting of a sandwich of high density chipboard with thick underfelt between layers. The room`s cost does not include this chipboard flooring as it is freely available from any timber yard. A ventilation system is included which consists of an external roof mounted duct which draws air from within the room. It houses a quiet fan located between sound baffles. A similar unit draws outside air into the room. SUPERB OVERALL PERFORMANCE The overall sound attenuation is 35dBA. However 35dB does not mean total attenuation. With 20 Bit recording, we are talking of dynamic ranges of around 90 dB. However experience has proved that the room solves practically all real life scenarios. As an approximation, the room`s performance can be likened to cupping the palms of the hands over your ears and pressing hard. The room works both ways, sound is attenuated going into or exiting the room. Average room assembly time using two people with reasonable DIY skills is around 4 hours for the first time. Doing it a second time would reduce this figure significantly. The writer watched two of the company`s employees erect a room 2m x 2m in under an hour with just a knife, a screwdriver, an electric drill (to drill the four securing screws per panel) and a pair of Mole grips to clamp adjacent panels together whilst drilling the holes. Specifications as verified by an independent measurement consultancy on a room 2m high x 2m wide x 2m long. The room includes a window in the door. Please note that the average delivery time for Esmono rooms is 4 - 6 weeks, delivery rates are based on weight and location - please enquire for a specific quote.. An installation service by our engineers is also available.

Physical Height: 2.2m
Physical Width: 2.85m
Physical Depth: 2.0m
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