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Drawmer Mx30 Gate/Comp/Limiter

Product Code: 360080

DRAWMER MX30 DUAL GATE COMPRESSOR/LIMITER This new low cost MX30 brings Drawmer`s professional p...

£349.20 (INC VAT)
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DRAWMER MX30 DUAL GATE COMPRESSOR/LIMITER This new low cost MX30 brings Drawmer`s professional processing within the budget of everyone. Whilst incorporating many automated features for fast, effective dynamic control the MX30 retains the instinctively laid out control parameters, sonic character and high technical specifications which make Drawmer the industry standard. It is split into three sections. The `Programme Adaptive` Gate automatically optimises such parameters as Attack, Hold, Ratio and Release, completely eliminating `chatter` when the signal is fluctuating around the threshold. Two LEDs show when the signal is above or below threshold. There is additional control of the Release time. The Soft Knee `Auto Compressor` features fully automatic Attack and Release. Large transients are controlled instantly whilst small signal vatiations are treated gently. The amount of gain reduction is displayed on an LED bargraph. The Output circuit compensates for the amount of compression. A variable Threshold `zero overshoot` limiter clamps the output to a predetermined maximum and ignites an LED. Other facilities include a stereo link and bypass.


  • 2-channel processor with stereo link option
  • "Programme Adaptive" gate removes low-level noise without affecting your material
  • Fully controllable compression section with a 9-segment LED gain reduction meter
  • Soft knee auto compressor continuously adjusts the attack and release times for smooth dynamic processing
  • Peak limiter prevents clipping and protects your gear
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