Acoustic Panel 1200 x 600mm Beige

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A high-performance fabric acoustic panel measuring 1200mm x 600mm. For reducing resonance and reverberation within a particular room.
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Acoustic Panel 1200 x 600mm Beige

The Studiospares Acoustic Panels are comprised of high-density fibreglass backing under an acoustic core material that is then finished with a bevelled edge. The use of high-density fibreglass means the acoustic panels offer up to nearly 5x times greater absorption qualities than other typical low-cost foam alternatives.


The Studiospares Acoustic Panels’ main purpose is to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, resonance and reverberation within your room or studio. Applications where these panels will benefit, would include professional and home studios, home theatres, boardrooms, rehearsal spaces, reception areas and any environment the acoustics require treatment.


The Studiospares Acoustic Panels are relatively light so can be easily attached to a wall with the concealed hangers recommended below. A hardened edge protects the acoustic components against warping and damage. Meaning the Studiospares Acoustic Panels will stand the test of time while providing years of reliable performance acoustically and visually.



Wall hangers are not included, we recommend the following product for the panels: Studiospares Wall Clip / Impaler for Acoustic Panels.


All available colours:

Black Acoustic Panel - 465240

Beige Acoustic Panel - 465230

Grey Acoustic Panel - 465220

Burgundy Acoustic Panel - 465840

Purple Acoustic Panel - 465830

Navy Blue Acoustic Panel - 465820



  • Physical Height: 1200mm
  • Physical Width: 600mm
  • Physical Depth: 25mm
  • Physical Weight: 2kg


More Information
Specifications 1200mm,
Physical Weight : 2kg,
Physical width : 600mm,
Physical depth : 25mm,
Color : Beige
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