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Showroom Features

With immediate access to over £1M worth of stock, the Studiospares Showroom is the perfect place to come to try out microphones, headphones and monitors, or just to get professional advice from our Technical Salespeople, all of whom are specialists in different aspects of studio recording and live sound. Right on the North Circular Road and 2 minutes from the M1 at Staples Corner, we offer Free Parking, easy Click and Collect pickup, and Late Opening on Thursdays. Plus there are Special Offers, B-stock Bargains, and the chance to test out the Esmono Isolation Booth.





Studio Monitor Audition Centre


Unique opportunity to test out some of the best monitors in a side-by-side A/B listening test. Yamaha, KRK, Adam and Studiospares monitors are ready to audition (see drop-down list above for models). Everything from the smallest KRK Rokits to the full-size V8's, plus Yamaha HS5's and HS7's, and the most popular Studiospares own-brand models. Monitors can also be booked for auditioning in the Esmono booth (see info below).


Synths and mixers

Come and have a play: see and try out these great-value synths and mixers for yourself!


Headphone Listening Centre

Our headphone wall features everything from our own beautifully rugged M1000's to the fantastic sounding Sennheiser HD650's. Plus many other options from Shure, Beyerdynamic etc.



Digital Mixer Demo

We have two of the most popular digital mixers in store for demonstration, namely the Behinger X32 and the Allen & Heath QU-16. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any questions about the operation of these mixers.


Microphone Audition Sessions


The Esmono Sound booth can be booked for audition sessions with one of our Technical Salespeople. A number of mics are available for demo, from Aston, Rode, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Studiospares and others (see drop-down above for full list).

Studio monitors can also be auditioned in the booth. These sessions are only available 10-11am and 3-4pm each day, and need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.


Esmono Isolation Booth

Our construction team takes pride in building our soundproof booths designed by Esmono, come along and check them out for yourself!
Our in-house expert Roy Collins is available should you wish to book a formal consultation. Please note that this booth is also available to book for both microphone and studio monitor demonstrations.



Isovox 2 Portable Vocal Booth

Isovox 2 lets you sing without disturbing your neighbours! No more unwanted room sound, outside noise or bad room reflections. No need to sound isolate a room or put up acoustic isolation panels.
ISOVOX 2 Vocal booth leaves no marks on the walls, and instantly gives you studio grade vocal sound. Used by some of the biggest Pros in the industry. Come and try out in our showroom!



HH Electronics PA speakers

From its beginnings in Cambridge in the late 1960's HH has always been a very British company. Renowned for deisgning and producing pioneering products, HH was ahead of its time from the very start. Today's HH products focus on the future without ignoting their past and so are still deisgned and engineered in the UK. The 2017-2018 HH range offers excellence in performance and quality with outstanding value.



With excellent road links and extensive free parking, our 1200 square metre warehouse and trade counter is situated at:
964 North Circular Road

Opening Times
Monday to Friday 08:30am to 5:00pm (voicemail on at all other times on 020 8208 9930)
Late opening Thursdays to 8:00pm


*Please note that studio monitors and microphone demonstrations will have to be booked 24hours in advance and are only available from 10-11am and 3-4PM.*