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Digitech Whammy

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It's been nearly a decade since DigiTech introduced the mind bending effects of the Whammy pedal to the world, and that original design has been in demand ever since...

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It's been nearly a decade since DigiTech introduced the mind bending effects of the Whammy pedal to the world, and that original design has been in demand ever since. The same smooth pitch bends, rich detuning, accurate dive bombs, and fast tracking harmony shifts, which were responsible for the instant success of the original Whammy pedal have been resurrected in the new incarnation of the DigiTech Whammy Pedal. Painstaking efforts were made to recreate the exact sounds that made the DigiTech Whammy such a popular and indispensable effect.

Every feature of the original WH-1 has been included in the new Whammy; From the rotary preset selection knob, to the Ferrari red color; from the mechanical momentary switch, to the exact same interval selections. However, the new Whammy has added the versatility of MIDI control, making this timeless effect flexible enough for any situation. The new "Dive Bomb" Preset gives the effect of a Floyd Rose whammy bar pushed all the way to the body of the guitar, and 16 LEDs provide a visual indication of your Preset selection even on dimly lit stages.

Harmony effects

  • One octave down - one octave up
  • Fifth down - Fourth down
  • Fourth down - third down
  • Fifth up - seventh up
  • Fifth up - sixth up
  • Fourth up - fifth up
  • Third up - fourth up
  • Minor third up - third up
  • Second up - third up

Detune effects

  • Shallow
  • Deep

Whammy effects

  • Two octaves up
  • One octave up
  • One octave down
  • Two octaves down
  • Dive bomb - three octaves down
  • Drop tune - two semi-tones down

Notable musicians who have used the IV Whammy include:

  • Dave Baksh of Brown Brigade.
  • Jack White of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs It is used to create a "fake" bass tone on "Seven Nation Army", as well as leads on songs such as "Ball & Biscuit". He also uses it on live renditions of "The Hardest Button to Button" to create quick divebombs.
  • Matthew Bellamy of Muse (can be heard on "Muscle Museum", "New Born", "Dark Shines" (live),"Sunburn, "Fury", "Invincible"). Matt has a Whammy on the floor which can also be controlled by a MIDI strip, built into his custom made Manson guitars.
  • Omar Rodriguez of The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In
  • Ed O'Brien of Radiohead.
  • Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • Munky of Korn.
  • Tobin Esperance of Papa Roach.
  • Scott Ian & Paul Crook of Anthrax.
  • Daniel Lanois.
  • K. K. Downing of Judas Priest.
  • Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.
  • Gary Cunningham of Elroy.
  • James Root of Slipknot.
  • Brendon Small of Home Movies (TV series) (Can be heard in the episode Guitarmigeddon) and Metalocalypse (Can be heard in the opening theme song).
  • Dave Knudson of Minus the Bear.
  • Dan Donegan of Disturbed.
  • Dan Deacon


  • Original Whammy presets
  • New! Dive Bomb preset
  • Rugged new industrial chassis design
  • LED indicates display preset selection
  • MIDI in for remote control
  • Wet/dry outputs
  • PS750 power supply included

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