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Studiospares RED505 Line Splitter
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Studiospares RED505 Line Splitter

Product Code: 458240

A professional quality stand alone line splitter with three outputs - one is a direct output and two are transformer coupled...

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The RED505 is a professional quality stand alone line splitter. Its applications include live broadcasting and recording, press conferences and on-stage monitoring. The input circuit is line-level and also be used an isolation transformer for long audio lines feeding. The transformer isolation in those situations minimises interferences from SCR lighting dimmers, radio transmitters and AC power wiring. The transformer-isolated feeds retain the advantage of common-mode noise rejection inherent in the use of balanced lines. The splitter has three outputs - one is a direct output and two are transformer coupled. Two-way Ground Lift switches are fitted to help combat ground loops. Maximum input level +24dBu@1kHz and +18dBu@50Hz. Insertion loss less than 0.1dB into 50k ohms and less than 1.5dB into 600 ohms. All metal XLRs throughout.

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Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 21 April 2011
    We needed a professional solution to feed four nano-Flash recorders and a radio-mic transmitter from the output of a file-based recorder. The project was a car-based broadcast TV show with multiple cameras and mics in the vehicle. A guide mix from the recorder had to go to all the solid-state drives and to a TX for monitoring. What we wanted was a passive solution that resisted all the RF fields from the digital devices and transmitters in the car boot and generated isolated feeds electrically separated from each other. The Studiospares line splitters performed to the same high standard that we'd expect from similar products costing 3 or 4 times more. I ordered 3 - I'll be back for some more without doubt.