AKG Lyra USB Microphone

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Whether you are recording your next podcast, YouTube video, livestream or your next hit, now you can easily do it all while sounding like a pro. All thanks to the AKG Lyra Ultra HD, multimode USB microphone.
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AKG Lyra USB Microphone

Whether you are recording your next podcast, YouTube video, livestream or your next hit, now you can easily do it all while sounding like a pro. All thanks to the AKG Lyra Ultra HD, multimode USB microphone. For over 70 years now some of the world’s best recordings and performances have been pristinely captured using AKG microphones. Now it’s your turn, simply plug Lyra into your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet and you’re ready to go.


AKG’s legendary acoustic engineering has been implemented into this new versatile USB microphone that delivers the highest-quality audio in its class. Inside the AKG Lyra you’ll find advanced circuitry delivers acoustically transparent, 4K-compatible, Ultra HD-grade, 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution. Lyra’s internal self-adjusting shock mount minimizes contact noise, and its built-in sound diffuser and AKG’s proprietary Internal Element Overload Prevention automatically reduces noise, eliminates pops and improves signal levels for the best recordings possible.


Your Built-In Recording Engineer: AKG Adaptive Capsule Array
Lyra’s innovative AKG Adaptive Capsule Array adapts to your performance to record pristine audio. Four versatile capture modes eliminate guesswork, so you can quickly dial in professional sound:


  • Front—isolates your target source from distracting background noise by rejecting unwanted sounds at the microphone back and sides. It’s perfect for recording or live-streaming spoken word, vocals, or close-miced instruments.
  • Front & Back—captures and blends together sound equally on all sides; ideal for face-to-face interviews and duets.
  • Tight Stereo—captures audio in true stereo. Because this setting provides discrete left and right audio, it provides great sound separation for side-by-side interviews or panel discussions and is perfect for recording instruments like drums or piano.
  • Wide Stereo—captures audio with greater stereo separation, room ambience, and depth. This setting is ideal for situations where you want to capture sounds all around the mic, such as documentaries, field recordings, or spontaneous jam sessions.


Plug-and-Play Simplicity
With AKG Lyra, you’ll be up and running in no time, no matter your experience level. There’s no assembly, no need for a separate audio interface, no fiddling with software settings—it just works, right out of the box. And Lyra is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices so you can quickly capture your ideas in the studio or on the go. From recording music in a digital audio workstation to live streaming on Twitch to shooting a YouTube video, using Lyra is as easy as plugging in a USB cable and pressing Go Live or Record.

Built-In Headphone Controls
When you’re speaking, singing or playing an instrument in the studio, you need to hear yourself and your backing tracks at the same time in order to perform your best. That’s why Lyra is equipped with a “zero-latency” headphone jack, which eliminates the short delay between when you perform into the microphone and when you hear yourself in the headphones, so you can stay focused on your performance.


Vintage-Modern Industrial Design
Inspired by classic studio microphones like the legendary AKG C414, Lyra’s sleek design is sure to spark your creativity. Every function you need—including capture modes, volume levels and mute—is ergonomically positioned and easily accessed right on the mic so you can stay in the moment while always being in control. An integrated desktop stand with built-in cable management makes it easy to position the mic on your desktop. Lyra can also be mounted to a traditional mic stand or microphone boom arm for more flexibility in the studio.


A Complete Production Studio
Lyra works seamlessly with all major audio and video production software and online platforms and includes Ableton Live 10 Lite recording software. Whether you’re going for a polished, modern sound or a classic vintage vibe, Lyra gives you everything you need to bring your ideas to life.


Features & Specifications:

  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices (see system requirements for full support)
  • 4K-ready, Ultra HD, 24-bit/192kHz resolution with a full-spectrum frequency response of 20 Hz–20 kHz
  • Adaptive Capsule Array technology:
  • Four intuitive capture modes: Front, Front + Back, Tight Stereo and Wide Stereo
  • Pristine audio via four proprietary, fixed-charge-backplate, permanently polarized condenser capsules
  • LED indicators display polar pattern at a glance
  • Easily accessible controls: Capture Mode Selection, Input Gain Control, Output Volume, Microphone Mute
  • Camera-ready, vintage-modern design
  • Self-adjusting shock mount reduces surface contact noise
  • Built-in sound diffuser and proprietary Internal Element Overload Prevention reduce noise and pops and improve signal levels
  • Integrated, removable perma-tilt desktop stand with cable-management channel
  • Supports desktop or stand-mounted use; threading fits standard booms and stands
  • S/N ratio: 98 dB
  • Zero-latency monitoring via 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz–22 kHz
  • Output impedance: 16 ohms
  • Power output (RMS): 24 mW
  • USB C 2.0 output


In the box:
AKG Lyra
2m USB C-to-USB A cable
US-to-EU stand adapter
QuickStart guide
Free Ableton Live 10 Lite registration card


System Requirements:
Windows 8 or higher
Mac OS 10.7 or higher
Android 9 or higher
iOS 10 or higher


iOS support may require Apple Camera Connection Kit, Android support may require OTG adapter cable, available separately. 24-bit/192kHz maximum audio performance is dependent on host device and software capabilities.


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