Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon Mic

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The Coles 4038 is a ribbon microphone produced by Coles Electroacoustics.
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The 4038's frequency response is flat, with a range of approximately 30-15,000 Hz. The attenuation of high frequencies reduces sibilance on vocals, but also reduces detail. The microphone uses a bi-directional polar pattern. The microphone is connected using a Western Electric jack connector designated 4069, which adapts the microphone's 3-pin output to a standard XLR connector.

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Specifications Microphone Response :30 Hz to 15,
000 Hz,
Microphone Impedance : 300 ohm,
Microphone sensitivity : -65 dB,
197 mm x 83 mm x 61 mm,
Physical Weight : 1.08 Kg
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