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Studiospares SD705 Drum Mic Kit

Product Code: 449650

A carefully selected group of drum microphones, each the finest for their particular application.

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Studiospares SD705 Drum Microphone Kit

A carefully selected group of microphones, each the finest for their particular application.
Housed in a carry case with cutouts to ensure the kit is complete when clearing up after a session.


1x SD106
Good bass drum sounds are a breeze with the SD106. Overload is practically impossible with an SPL of 136dB. This ensures the initial high level transient is retained without distortion. Equally at home inside or outside the drum. Popular for recording trombones where the characteristic rasp is captured without compromise. A clean response of between 20Hz and 16kHz. The body is die cast zinc not plastic so is able to provide effective screening against RF interference. Will last a lifetime.

2x S935
Equally at home covering woodwind or brass sections. Excels at close microphone applications. Very high output capability and a smooth frequency response of between 25Hz and 16kHz. Popular guitar mic captures every nuance. Practically impossible to overload with a Max SPL of 136dB


2x S980
Small enough to be unobtrusive..
Nothing beats the sound of a high-quality Electret capsule for capturing string, percussive and guitar sounds. To faithfully capture the harmonics the smaller and hence the lighter the diaphragm the better.
Inspired by the legendary AKG 451 the S980 captures the sizzle of the cymbal and crack of the tom tom. The sound is not chromium plated or metallic. Conventional dynamic microphones sound as if you are listening through a door in comparison.
The S980 frequency response reveals why the sound is so smooth. It is ruler flat right through the ‘difficult’ 5kHz to 10kHz region where others exhibit ‘presence peaks’. The response is +/- 3dB from 50Hz to 19kHz and the maximum SPL is 148dB. The equivalent Noise Level is 18dB-A (IEC268-4) A weighted. The low noise platform is attributed to the front end bi polar FETs.
Whilst the S980 has found favour capturing instrument sounds, it is equally respected for classical work and recording choirs.


3x Mic clips
2x Overhead mic clips
2x Overhead foam windshields

Microphone Capsule: Mixed
Microphone Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Microphone Maximum SPL: 136dB
Microphone Connector: XLR
Microphone Pad Switches: None
Microphone Powering: Mixed
Physical Weight: 2.8kg
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