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MXL 990 Condenser Mic

Product Code: 315000

Large Diaphragm Condenser

£85.00 (INC VAT)
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With an FET preamp and large diaphragm for truly professional sound quality in both digital and analogue recordings, the MXL 990 was the first high quality condenser microphone to come in reach of working musicians and remains a phenomenon today.

It offers silky sweet high-end sound while retaining tight, solid low and midrange reproduction, providing first-class sound across the board and completed with a champagne finish to make it look as classy as it sounds.

Includes custom shockmount, mic stand adapter & carrying case.

Microphone Capsule: 20 mm. diaphragm capsule
Microphone Response: 30Hz-20kH
Microphone Impedance: 200 ohm
Microphone Maximum SPL: 130dB (0.5% THD)
Microphone Signal-to-Noise: 80dB (Ref. 1Pa A-weighted)
Microphone Sensitivity: 15mV/P
Microphone Self Noise: 20dB(A weighted IEC 268-4
Microphone Connector: 3-Pin XLR
Microphone Powering: 48V (+- 4V)
Physical Height: 60mm x 130m
Physical Weight: 1.2 lb
Frequency Curve Image:
Magazine Reviews
Sound on Sound August 2005 "As a vocal mic, the MXL 990 produces a subjectively neutral and nicely balanced sound with just a hint of high-end sizzle that can help out vocalists who have difficulty getting the definition they need." http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/aug05/articles/mxl.htm
Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 12 June 2012
    I recently purchased three of these to use as the central trio in a Decca type tree configuration for recording classical music. OK, so I know Decca use omnis for this, but I use a pair of omni AKG451/CK22's as outriggers, so using the MXL's in this arrangement is not quite as off the wall as it might seem. Also, the MXL's are not 'pure' cardioids, exhibiting a substantial rear lobe, which means they convey almost as much 'air' as the average omnidrectional mic, but with improved directionality. Although not really intended for gig use, I recently had occasion to provide a PA for Blue Onyx the number one Moody Blues tribute band, for a charity event at a theatre in Henley on Thames. Because vocal quality was paramount, and I had the opportunity, I decided to do something really silly, that I've been contemplating for a while, and see how mics I would normally use in the studio - in this case the MXL's and a pair of C414's - would cope as LIVE vocal mics. I used Studiospares 'stonewall' pop filters, and the vocal quality in the live situation was beyond my wildest dreams. The clarity/definition obtainable from the studio condensers, when compared to the more usual dynamics was stunning. Perhaps more surprising was how remarkably little difference there was between the low cost MXL's and the more expensive studio 'standard' by which others are judged, when used under these conditions. I was a little concerned that feedback from the onstage monitors might have required me to rethink what I was attempting, but, in the end, I needn't have worried. As if their overall performance isn't a good enough reason to buy these mics, they come with TWO stand adaptors AND a fitted case. To put things in perspective, each stand adaptor for a C414 costs more than the whole MXL kit. If you're in the market for good general purpose microphones, I suggest you buy some before the suppliers realise what they COULD charge for them!
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