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Studiospares RED502 Bi-Directional Balancing Converter
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Studiospares RED502 Bi-Directional Balancing Converter

Product Code: 458210

This single channel Passive Bi-directional Balanced to Unbalanced and vice/versa is superbly engineered from a die cast aluminium extrusion with metal endplates...

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Studiospares RED502 Bi-Directional Balancing Converter

The Studiospares RED502 Bi-Directional Balancing Converter is a single channel passive converter.



It is a bi-directional balanced to unbalanced or vice/versa converter that is manufactured from die-cast aluminium, which features the high specification build quality that the RED500 series is renowned for.


With its metal endplates that have the connectors and switches mounted, this unit like the rest in the series is ready to withstand any recording situation it is thrown into, whether it be in the studio or out on the road.


Located on the right-hand side of the unit is 1x ¼ inch jack socket and 1x RCA phono socket that act as either inputs or outputs. The right-hand side also has an earth lift switch, useful for eliminating any unwanted noise or interference that may encounter while you are using the unit.


And on the left side, the RED502 features 1x male and 1x female XLR input/output connections. All inputs to outputs are fully isolated from each other via the built-in transformer, to ensure you the highest quality and the quietest of conversions whilst using the unit.


Being a passive unit the RED502 will require no power supply. Some applications that 502 could be used for would be sending the direct signal to front of house mixers, or other monitoring systems and even other recording systems.



Available in the RED 500 series are -

Studiospares RED501 Microphone Preamp (Code - 458200)
Studiospares RED502 Bi-Directional Bal/Unbal Convertor (Code - 458210)
Studiospares RED503 Passive Line Combiner (Code - 458220)
Studiospares RED504 Microphone Combiner (Code - 458230)
Studiospares RED505 Line Splitter (Code 458240)
Studiospares RED506 Microhpone Splitter (Code - 458250)



RCA Phono input/output socket
¼ inch input/output socket
Male XLR input/output
Female XLR input/output
Earth lift switch
Maximum input +28dB

Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 13 December 2012
    Great little product. Not only does what it says, bi-directional balanced to unbalanced but has ground lift as well. Superbly built with very high quality connectors and a sound quality to match. I use a pair in a critical monitoring system to drive an unbalanced power amp. Striking colour and great build...what's not to like!
  • Verified Customer
    on 25 March 2012
    Just connect it and forget it easy.
  • Verified Customer
    on 22 March 2012
    Useful little box, easy hook up, recomended!
  • Verified Customer
    on 11 August 2011
    Very useful little box for interfacing computer sound cards to pro gear