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"I’m a BA Hons graduate specialising in music technology and vocal recordings. I am an MC and have worked with some big names in the Dubstep/DnB scenes, as well as playing shows all over the UK. I am currently in the process of recording my first full length project, using a Shure SM7b with a Triton Audio Fethead preamp, Audient ID4 interface and an Aston Halo reflection filter. I also co-own the Real Eyes Records brand and help manage 4 artists alongside my business partner. I have been writing and recording lyrics since a very early age, and I am still as passionate now as I was back then!"

Matthew Whittaker

Sales Supervisor


"I am a graduate from the London College of Music where I studied music technology with popular music performance. I’m a drummer and a mixing engineer, both done mainly for hobbies and having fun. Gear I use at home is Logic Pro X with various plug-ins from Waves, Slate, SoundToys and other decent free plug-ins (recommend Audio Assaults Transient plugin), Audient iD14 for the interface and Studiospares M1000 headphones to do my rough mixes on, then use a friends Yamaha HS8’s for the main mix. Microphone wise it’s usually the Shure Beta 57a on snare, either Rode NT5’s or Aston Starlights as overheads and whatever I can get my hands on for the kick. I try not to make things too complicated with too many mics which works really well for myself!"

Louis Clark

Deputy Sales Supervisor


"Studying locally at Middlesex University in Hendon, I will be landing in the third and final year of my Popular Music degree this autumn..

Through endless bouts of struggle and third year survival, I hope to attain a Bachelors Degree of Arts, making it possible to move on to the tough industry that is music with all the appropriable qualifications behind me. In my spare time, I like to (attempt) song writing, and to listen to a wide scope of music genres from R'n'b to Rock'n'Roll (excluding much of the modern charts, of course). The things that make these pass times possible for me are my Studiospares SN4A Active Studio Monitors; the brightness of the top end compliments the twangy guitar-based tracks to make them sound colourful and alive, whilst the punch of the lower frequencies show off, for example, sidechain compression in electronic tracks. These elements aid me in mixing and mastering my own music with my DAW Logic Pro X, where I've gone on to submit a vast array of music to my university modules. Now that I'm on summer break, I thought it'd be wise to work at a pro audio company such as Studiospares, where I'm now in my second month, to enhance my knowledge in the music and the business aspects of my experience."

Danny Wright

Technical Sales Advisor


"I'm a Bmus graduate in music performance with recording from UWL. My main instrument is the drums.

I have a Yamaha DTX562 kit in my flat, it helps keep the neighbours happy! I have played in a few different bands around London since moving here 5 years ago. For recording drums, I like to use a Shure Beta 57a for the snare, a couple Senneheiser e604's for the toms, a pair of Aston Starlights for the overheads, a Shure Beta 52a and a Sennheiser E901 for the bass drum. For home recording, I have an Audient iD14 interface and an Alesis V49 keyboard. At the moment I'm trying to branch out a bit and learn new instruments, the quirkier the better!"

Benjamin Franklin

Technical Sales Advisor


"I am a sound engineer and music producer trained at the School of Audio Engineering, with several years of experience working with rock, metal, and pop acts, but also with classical music ensembles.I have set up anything from small home voiceover recording solutions, to large scale, multi-room church and club PA systems, as well as complex and experimental electronic music live performance setups. I have theoretical and practical knowledge on microphone technology, and extensive experience with the latest digital recording systems and audio software."

Pablo Bellinghausen

Technical Sales Advisor


"I'm a BA Hons graduate in Music Tech & Performance from the London College of Music. I'm first and foremost a Brass player but have been playing guitar for years, self-taught. I've lived in London for almost 5 years and have been actively gigging for most of that.Mixing and recording have always been a hobby of mine and I've been fortunate enough to be able to invest in a small home studio including Yamaha's monitors and an Audient ID22 as my interface.My primary mic has to be the Shure Beta57a. It's been my go-to mic for years and I've literally used it on everything from  Brass, guitar amps, percussion, vocals and even Foley demos! The plan for the next few years is to keep investing and to keep recording as much as I can."

Samuel Jones

Technical Sales Advisor