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Studiospares SN10 Passive Studio Monitors
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Studiospares SN10 Passive Studio Monitors

Product Code: 248000

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Studiospares SN10 Passive Studio Monitors £99.00 (INC VAT)
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Studiospares SN10 Studio Monitors

Please note these speakers are not active and require a separate power amp, see associated products at the bottom of this page for suitable options.
An active (amplified) version of the SN10 is also available- 249210

Inspired by the legendary NS10 which became a standard within the studio industry, this new model addresses the two improvements that studios thought appropriate, namely an extended bass response and the need for more output.

The SN10 incorporates an 8" driver not a 6.5". It has a massive magnet which (together with the increased size) up-rates the power to 80 watts RMS (8 ohms). The HF output is handled by a 1" soft domed tweeter driven by the crossover which operates at 3.2kHz. The cabinet is constructed from 19mm MDF and veneered in black. The front grille is removable. Input connectors are brass screw terminals and will also accept standard banana-type speaker plugs. The sound is punchy and very close to the familiar NS10s. The stereo imagery is excellent and the top end is smooth.
Should users manage to fry either of the speakers, it`s nice to know that replacements are available (LF driver 248010 and tweeter 248020).

Dimensions (mm): L 420 x D 200 x H 250

Unsolicited comments from one satisfied customer, Bill Borez -

"I bought a pair of your SN10s in a tongue in cheek sort of way as my NS10s are past it and you know what people they ******* rock !!... Did a couple of mixes and A-B`d em at a few studios and they sounded exactly the same ... I luv you people.. NS10 copies that sound better than NS10s ... I still think these speakers are little blinders , and dare I say it .. My mixes are actually tighter then they are on NS10s ... I was doing FOH for The Dub Pistols at Ministry of Sound Fri night and I played an SN10 mix I`d just done for The Loose Cannons on the main system and it sounded superb !! Cheers Bill Borez ( Producer remixer .. The Losers , Kasabien , Loose Cannons , Dub Pistols , Zero B ...etc etc ... )

Studiospares SN10 - Passive Version

  • The SN10 incorporates an 8 inch driver not a 6.5 inch. It has a massive magnet which together with the increased size uprates the power capability to 80 watts RMS (8 ohms).
  • The HF output is handled by a 1 inch soft domed tweeter driven by a crossover which operates at 3.2kHz.
  • Cabinet construction: 19mm MDF, veneered in black
  • The front grille: Removable
  • Input Connection Wired: Binding Post or 4mm Banana Plugs
  • Dimensions (mm): L 420 x D 200 x H 250
Microphone Response: 90Hz - 18kHz
Microphone Impedance: 8 Ohms
Microphone Maximum SPL: 112dB
Magazine Reviews
Keith Holland, Resolution Magazine (2009) "This Speaker appears to be an exaggerated version of the Yamaha (NS10); Studio spares has taken the desirable properties of the old speaker and made sure that this speaker has them in abundance."
Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 09 December 2016
    Ive had these for a year now and there still working great. I was never sure about the low end for so long, until i moved house and now they sound huge!!!! Im running it through a softrware EQ for a gentle boost in the 40-60hz range for general listening and cutting out a few muddy frequencies. These have taken a little bit of abuse, as i forget to switch of the amp before turning on or off the computer so sometimes gets some nasty pops from the focusrite 2i2 during bootup. Highly recomended if your on a budget. Im powering them from an old 30w hi fi amp which is plenty loud.
  • Verified Customer
    on 27 October 2015
    They are fantastic give them a tweak with an active 31 dual band EQ or even a 15 band and they sound amazing run them flat and it’s all there loads to work with. Use them as Mid Tops through and active crossover with even kick bass and they rock, use a sub and cross it over at 90 with and active 31 band dual EQ you will soon upset the block living next to you and you will have your own little night club at home. Whatever way you run these speakers you will be happy with the quality of sound great value I would even say they sound better than many high end monitors on the market. But it’s up to your own personal choice of what sound you want, personally I love them. I am even going to get rid of my Bose 310 speakers and replace them with these guys run them full range with a little tweak of that dual 31 EQ.
  • Verified Customer
    on 31 January 2015
    really are fantastic for the price. Leave them eq'd flat and really allows you to focus in on the midrange. give them a low and hi boost and they sound really warm and sweet.
  • Verified Customer
    on 30 August 2014
    I use my SN10s as monitors for my Logic Pro X DAW system and since setting them up via a power amp have proved to be great -sounding and accurate monitors that didn't break the bank. One small quibble - no RCA or Jack inputs - just screw terminals. But otherwise -very good indeed.
  • Verified Customer
    on 31 July 2014
    in home studio,great sound for price.
  • Verified Customer
    on 27 June 2014
    I use the SN10s next to my (about 10 times more expensive) PMC TB2 driven by an 125W Parasound amplifier and have to admit: They are very useful mixing speakers. According to the price I have absolutely no complains about the product. Cheers
  • Verified Customer
    on 02 December 2013
    Classic design, Unbeatable value. I've heard others comment these have a harsh top end or not enough bass, however I found after a month at moderate loudness they have really started to shine. Stick with them and you will be rewarded! Solid and and well made, but do take care as the MDF is prone to marking if you treat them roughly.
  • Verified Customer
    on 23 August 2013
    great price great purchest
  • Verified Customer
    on 12 April 2013
    great pair of speakers at a great price. really nice sound and solidly made.
  • Verified Customer
    on 17 March 2013
    Had these for a few months, great pair of speakers. Good Bass and Treble and perfect for the price. Well Built and the sound quality is very clear. Being used in a home studio, as a first pair of monitors. Much better than headphones, they give you a proper feel for the music. These speakers are a great for sound engineers just starting out or for someone on a budget. Especially those looking into producing bass heavy songs. Powered by a samson servo 170 which gives the pair a great kick. Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Trap, These are your speakers Highly Recomended
  • Verified Customer
    on 08 March 2013
    These speakers will force you to get the mid range details mixed correctly. They are tools, to get used to as they are not flattering. They sound amazing, but only on well produced material.
  • Verified Customer
    on 14 October 2012
    I've had a pair of these since late 2007, bought around the time they were priced singly (duh!), and used them as my main speakers in my small broadcast production studio, and also now on my Hifi. Currently my six year old SN10's are in my home, driven by a Marantz PM4001 amp. I have good neighbours, and more watts would mean less neighbours. The SN10's excel in their pinploint treble precision and superb imaging which shows on well miked percussion; you can hear the stick hit the cymbal before the cymbal sound arrives. Midrange and bass are equally controlled; the first time you hear these you ask yourself where all the boom has gone, when all you hear is music. I could praise them further, but the other reviews say it too; at the price these passive 'old school' two-way speakers blow the socks off much of the competition, including the current powered active Yamahas which replaced the original NS10 we all used to love/hate. I have used NS10's, and was not in love, I think the SN10 treble is much smoother and the sonic integration with the 8" wooofer highly improved. THe SN10's sound best on stands with the tweeters at ear level. They are mirror-image construction so you can lay them horizontal, and both tweeters will be elevated slightly. The cabs are vinyl covered chipboard, one of my SN10's hit the deck and bent the corner, but it still sounds great. I've just done a back-to-back with a pair of JBL monitors at about the same price, and the SN10's hammer them into the floor with presentation, restrained accuracy and sheer musicality. Now, each to their own of course, but if you have a smallish apartment, these are about perfect, and you can add a sub for more presentation of stuff below, say, 80Hz. If you like music, not watts, you'll enjoy the subtlety of these, and if you mix or record and you get it sounding good on the SN10's you're 99% of the way there. Downsides? The black finish is now a bit too retro for some homes, though the white woofers are fantastic. If SS produced these in say, a light wood finish for just a little more, I'd grab me another pair. As it is, six years of great reproduction for £100 or so is the best deal out there, and if you have a home hifi and still play vinyl, you'll love what comes out of these at low volumes. They are certainly capable of hifi repro, which cannot be said of many of the 'monitor' speakers currently on the market. For an amp, add anything of about 30 watts per channel upwards. Once your ears have acclimatised to the SN10's you'll be hearing angels dancing in your ears.
  • Verified Customer
    on 26 July 2012
    so i got these, like most, after reading every review i could find. dunno how they are compared to ns10's, but to be honest i don't really care. theyre fantastic. build quality is fantastic, i used a nad 906 power amplifier to drive them. i have it set up with an equaliser that i can turn on and off, verylow/high mids pronounciation. i turn the eq on and then i got the heavy, bass pronounced sound of your average hifi. these are very powerfull. fantastic buy, detail is incredible, if its wrong you will here it.
  • Verified Customer
    on 03 May 2012
    What a product for such a good price, used in combination with an alesis R150 (thinking of getting two to fulfill the true power capabilities of the speakers. Hilight parts of my mixes that would otherwise go unnoticed. Use them for general use as well. Love the product
  • Verified Customer
    on 04 April 2012
    I've had my SN10's for a good few years now and like a previous reviewer said, have had to revisit previous mixes as they really do make you work hard to get it to sound right - which means the mix translate very well on other systems - which is what you need. Can't believe the price has gone down - don't let this sway your opinion - these really do deliver - you'd easily pay more for a branded monitor - but why would you? (they come with detachable cloth grilles too - for that really 70's retro look!)
  • Verified Customer
    on 29 February 2012
    I use protools le on a mac g4 for songwriting and my sn 10s sound as good as yamaha ns 10s but cost a fraction of the price.
  • Verified Customer
    on 29 February 2012
    These speakers have a clear, deep sound, let you listen to music in really high quality regardless whether silently or aloud. Thanks to those monitors my ability to hear more details ''within'' my recordings has significantly increased. The 8 inch woofers with white membranes electrify everybody with their appearance. These are my first monitors and I am so much impressed by them. There are some minor cons as well which of course it should be emphasized here have no influence on sound quality. Casings on my speakers are not so well finished - the veneer is not cut accurately (some sharp edges remained), some corners are rounded (probably due to not appropriate moving), one of the speaker wasn't clean. Apart of that they sound and look great! I use them for home recording and listening to music.
  • Verified Customer
    on 10 February 2012
    i use them as a second reference to my other monitors if the mix sounds good through the sn10s it will sound good enywhere. very close sound to the old ns10.
  • Verified Customer
    on 09 February 2012
    Great monitors considering the price These monitors are detailed, accurate, and unflattering + loud = Great monitors.
  • Verified Customer
    on 15 December 2011
    use in my home studio and they sound great and look the good to
  • Verified Customer
    on 09 December 2011
    I will now have to start re-mixing a lot of my music these speakers are really good I now hear things I did not hear before.What a great buy they are far better than the yamaha.Well done Studiospears
  • Verified Customer
    on 01 November 2011
    These monitors have made the all round process of monitoring a whole lot easier for me. Very clear and precise. A 10 out of 10 purchase for me.
  • Verified Customer
    on 29 August 2011
    Quality sound at a budget price!!
  • Verified Customer
    on 11 August 2011
    great monitors considering the price, no problems so far
  • Verified Customer
    on 18 July 2011
    Great speakers for monitoring giving a flat but clear sound on mixing etc.Made my original monitors seem "muddy" compared with the clarity of the SN10s.
  • Verified Customer
    on 21 April 2011
    I needed a new set of monitors for my studio due to my old and very abused set finally packing up on me. These SN10's are fantastic. Warm, clean and clear and dam loud! A definite buy! And the're cheap too. I have completely remix all my new stuff through them and man, I was finding things I hadn't heard before in the previous mixes. They allowed me to clean up all those horrible unseen mids that can creep into a mix without being noticed and then, grab you by the ears through a different set of speakers or hi fi and boost all the other good stuff for a very full and pure mix all round. So if your in the market for a new set of monitors don't look any further. Just buy them. you won't be disappointed. Proprer!! Peace.
  • Verified Customer
    on 09 February 2011
    for getting great tunes coming out of top monitors
  • Verified Customer
    on 24 January 2011
    ...and that's the point - these are detailed, accurate, and unflattering. I played my beloved old Steve Reich recordings and I could (for the first time) hear every mallet hit :-)