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Studiospares Aktiv6 Active Studio Monitors
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Studiospares Aktiv6 Active Studio Monitors

Product Code: 248920

A really solid product producing an accurate and transparent sound that will stand favourable comparison to products costing treble...

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Trojan Aktiv8 Nearfield Active Monitor series.

Available in 3 versions with different size driver and power rating. A separate, matching active sub is also available in this range.

This is a really solid product producing an accurate and transparent sound that will stand favourable comparison to products costing treble. Coupling of the speaker cone to the air is influenced by unwanted diffraction when sound waves from the cabinet sides are scattered back into the nearfield creating phase distortion. The front surface is profiled, not flat. Titanium Tweeters provide effortless high frequencies right up to 20kHz. The fully braced cabinet reduces natural resonances. To increase LF efficiency the acoustic principle is bass reflex. Drivers are fed from individual amplifiers so problematic crossovers are eliminated. Input sensitivity -42dBu to +4dBu so can even be driven by anything. EQ controls for bass, treble and room acoustics correction. Input and Link output is via jack and XLR. An earth lift reduces ground loop problems to zero. Drivers are magnetically shielded so can be used close to TVs and video monitors. The amplifier is part of the back panel. Colour Grey with wooden sides. Individual speakers are totally self contained. Sold as a pair.

Specifications for the 6 inch version -

* Power Rating - approx 100 watts RMS per speaker.
* Frequency Response - 50Hz - 20kHz
* Tweeter Size - 1" dome
* SPL - max. 109 @1m (pair)
* Sensitivity - 87dB (1W@1M)
* Distortion - 65Hz-100Hz - <2%, 100Hz-20kHz <0.5%
* Dimensions (HxWxD) - 347 x 243 x 287mm
* Weight - 14kg (each speaker)

Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 22 December 2015
    Appearance: stately not juvenile. Better in the flesh than in the picture: stick-on logo now darker and smaller (more discreet) and wood veneer is on the sides only. Spec: very good. Switches on rear for acoustic correction very useful, as with the thru' option. Sound: also very good. Definitely studio and not significantly coloured. Could do with a bit more highs and the mids can sound a bit crowded with a full arrangement but not in a troublesome way. Summary: very good. Of course, speakers, room acoustics and genre go together and you can get to 'know' your speakers/room to a level. For the money (I got mine in the sales) and for what I use it for, it's perfect. Buying speakers twice or thrice of these ones would make negligible difference.
  • Verified Customer
    on 12 December 2015
    For quality, spec and price these are excellent monitors. Looks: they look so much better in real life than in the photographs. The wood veneer, which is nearer a dark mahogany, is applied only to the sides (the top, front and bottom are in a textured black). The stuck-on logo is now a lot smaller and discreetly blacker. Heavy and imposing, the unit is larger than the average 6" as the front profile takes up an extra 2"; an 8" speaker could fit in a unit this size. Overall it's not a youthful and bombastic look, it's more unassumingly mature with an appearance of promise - would not look out of place in an audiophile's music room. And it looks better on stands. Spec: they have acoustic compensation switches (lo freq, hi freq, speaker placement - all with four options) which is handy because my room isn't perfect. The on/off switch is at the top, also handy. But the volume knob has a smooth action not an iterative one,which is not handy. Sound: once run in and acoustically set up they actually sound quite good. You hear all frequencies as you'd expect for 6" monitors and the stereo spread is distinct enough. It's a bit naked and lacks the sheen that coloured speakers have which may be a good thing for studio work. Though some full arrangements sound a bit of crammed in the low mids and it could do with more life in the highs (>15kHz), I can live with that - as I can A/B compare with my trusty headphones. Again my room is not perfect, a bit dead in the highs and has a little resonance in the 100Hz /200Hz region so that could be it. Summary: do they compare favourably to monitor thrice of the cost? Maybe, depending on the room and what you're putting through it I suppose. And monitors thrice the price may sound not much better in the room I'm in. So for A/B comparisons in my less than perfect room it does the job. And at a third off because of the sale I can't complain.
  • Verified Customer
    on 26 February 2013
    Seems ideal for monitoring in a small theatre control room. Flexible EQ and volume controls.
  • Verified Customer
    on 17 March 2012
    These speakers are unbelievably good for the money. I use them in a small studio, and they give a faithful reproduction. I have even used them for small video presentations in front of about 50 people and they are plenty loud enough. However, they are really not suited to this role as they have no handles or cone protection. However as stated they are very good for small studios, and more than pleased with them after 2 months.