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Behringer Eurolive B205D Stage Monitor
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Behringer Eurolive B205D Stage Monitor

Product Code: 383180

What if you could mount your personal monitor on a mic stand and point it right at your face?...

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What if you could mount your personal monitor on a mic stand and point it right at your face-and what if it sounded really good What if it sounded so good it could be used as your main PA system for more intimate gigs and meetings Say hello to the new B205D, an active PA loudspeaker that is small and light enough to mount on a mic stand. But don't let the small size fool you-the B205D cranks out high-fidelity sound and comes loaded with features that will simply astound you!

The Secret to B205D's Amazing Sound

Thanks to our revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology and internal switchmode power supplies, not only do B205D loudspeakers sound great, they weigh considerably less than most competing active speakers. They pump out 150 of the cleanest, punchiest Watts you've ever heard from a compact loudspeaker, and you can link additional active loudspeaker systems via the handy THRU socket. A built in mixer provides three input channels, including a switchable instrument-ready input (no DI required), and also features a dedicated 3-band EQ (bass/mid/treble) for simple, yet effective tonal control.

Put the Sound Where You Want It

Space limitations often make it impossible to place full-sized monitor wedges where they can do the most good-and passive monitors require lots of external amplifiers and processing gear to function properly. All this adds up to even more gear to move, and if you don't know what you're doing, you can easily damage passive monitors by applying too much, or even worse, too little power to them. With the B205D we've taken all the guesswork out, giving each loudspeaker its own 150-Watt, Class-D amplifier specifically designed as the perfect mate for the custom-engineered 5.25" neodymium driver.

Say Goodbye to Back-breaking Floor Wedges

By using an internal switch-mode power supply, we reduced the weight of the B205D to a mere 7.0 lbs (3.2 kg). This means that instead of bringing in your old passive floor wedges one-at-a-time, you can carry all your monitors in one trip-without even breaking a sweat! They are small enough to mount on mic stands (each speaker includes a special mic stand integration system), on a tabletop, or they can be placed directly atop a piano or electronic keyboard.

Class-D Technology Delivers High Power, Low Weight

Instead of operating relatively continuously like Class AB circuits, Class-D amps switch on and off thousands of times per second, delivering power only when needed. In other words, the amplifier is either fully on or fully off, which significantly reduces the power losses in the output devices.

When used in conjunction with switching mode power supplies, our Class-D amplifiers provide tremendous dynamic punch and superior fidelity. The resulting speakers systems are much lighter, making them easy to transport and set up. Our no-compromise design means your B205Ds deliver full power with incredible fidelity all night long, without the need for rest cycles.

Custom-Engineered Drivers

Let's face it; the drivers (otherwise known as speakers) are the only part of a sound system you actually hear. So when it comes to ours, we don't cut any corners. While some of our competitors outsource theirs, we custom-design and build our speakers from scratch. We wind our own voice coils, process the paper pulp into cones and even machine our own speaker back plates and frames. This enables us to control the quality, keep production costs down and frankly, to make better components. The premium-grade 5.25" neodymium driver was designed specifically and optimized solely for use in the B205D.

Instant PA System

With just a single B205D loudspeaker system and a microphone, you can set up an instant, high-quality sound system. Thanks to the built-in preamp section, you just connect a dynamic mic and raise and lower the volume with the LEVEL control. Plug in your sound source (CD or MP3 player), place the speaker on a tabletop or mic stand and power up. It's just that easy. And if you need more coverage, you can chain together as many as you like via the convenient LINK OUTPUT XLR connector.

Stereo Music System

You can even use two B205Ds for stereo playback of your MP3, CD or cassette deck without any additional hardware-pretty cool for playing background music or making announcements. Just plug the appropriate stereo 'breakout' adapter (not included) into your deck's output jack, run one cable to each loudspeaker and set the Level and EQ controls the same on both B205Ds. Voil , instant party!

Marvelous Monitoring

When it comes to live monitoring, it just doesn't get any more personal than this. With the B205D, you can literally put the sound where you want it-and the sound quality will simply astound you! It is small and light enough to mount on a mic stand (it comes with an integration kit that even works with boom stands), yet powerful enough to be used as a small, high-quality PA system. The built-in 3-channel mixer provides tremendous versatility and even allows additional systems to be linked as slaves.


The EUROLIVE B205D provides highquality sound, tremendous functionality and versatility for very little dough. Best of all, since the B205D is so compact and lightweight, making it easy for you to load in or out at the gig. Compare the B205D to the competition and you'll own BEHRINGER with money to spare!

Microphone Response: 65Hz - 18kHz
Microphone Maximum SPL: 113dB
Speaker Format: 1-Way
Speaker Impedance: 6 Ohms
Speaker Power (Peak): 150 Watts @ 6 Ohms
Speaker Power (RMS): 125 Watts @ 6Ohms
Physical Height: 185mm x 290mm x 220mm
Physical Weight: 3.2kg
Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 24 June 2014
    Economical monitor. Not the best sound, but adequate and because it is mounted close it doesn't need to be so loud. I use it with guitar and mic and my performance has benefited.
  • Verified Customer
    on 18 June 2014
    bought these behringer monitors to replace the old peavey ones we had on stage , which were large in the confined space we had . in short they are awesome .. the sound quality and loudness is great .. buy these!
  • Verified Customer
    on 12 June 2014
    Ideal for use within a youth group playing videos etc. Definitely recommend it.
  • Verified Customer
    on 14 May 2014
    Bought as a personal monitor in a band. Don't think hi fi, more like a loud transistor radio but it just does the job perfectly.You can hear more than enough of your own voice to sing accurately and there is less feedback than with conventional monitors. Not good enough as a mini PA but use it as a personal monitor and you won't regret it. Mount it on a separate stand, it's pretty unstable on the mic stand and just a bit too close. I A/B'd with the mackie and there isn't a lot of difference, quality and sound very similar.
  • Verified Customer
    on 24 January 2014
    I use two of these as stage monitors for my fairly basic PA setup. The sound quality is fine for that with plenty of volume, but the best thing is the portability - I sit them on two mic stands so they can be moved around as the situation demands, perfect for the ever-changing nature of open-mic sessions. I also use them as a kind of mini PA system for vocals in their own right for rehearsing with my band - no need for a mixer, just plug my mic in, link two of them, and away we go. I'm sure they'd be fine as a stand-alone mini PA for a small acoustic set-up as well. Excellent piece of kit.
  • Verified Customer
    on 03 December 2013
    What a fab and versatile bit of kit. I's basically a mini mixer bolted to a small powered speaker. It's uses are many. I can see it used in presentations and talks. Hook the computer up to the RCA and you can amplify the sound coming off that. Got a slightly quiet guest speaker? Stick a mic into the front of this and he will fill most meeting rooms. Want to play your guitar or keyboard and sing to a small audience, this beastie will cope. You get all the adaptors you will need in the box to mount it on stands. I love it.
  • Verified Customer
    on 03 October 2013
    Will be gigging this weekend so will further a comment later.its ok was using a mackie 350 as a monitor before so its not going to sound like that of course , but its a bit tinny to get the sound acceptable .treble 3pm mid 10am .bass 12pm just using this for vocals and backing tracks,i used to have a boss monitor similar this is better though /still its better than getting a sore throat eh!
  • Verified Customer
    on 19 July 2013
    This is a great portable lightweight item. I will be buying more. I like the fact I can move it with one hand. It's a must buy. The band love it. Can be placed on a stand also.
  • Verified Customer
    on 13 July 2013
    Chrystal clear sound, really impressed.
  • Verified Customer
    on 12 July 2013
    I use it with my PA system as a personal monitor.I like the compactness of B205D and for it's size it has an amazing sound.I have Found no negatives with this product so far,long may it continue.
  • Verified Customer
    on 28 April 2013
    This is lightweight, with a big sound, each band member able to have the sound they want, small enough to be unobtrusive. Love it
  • Verified Customer
    on 21 April 2013
    The B205D is an excellent stage monitor for small/medium size gigs. I play guitar/mandolin/banjo in a small pub/wedding/party band and we plug into our PA system and all have B205D's to monitor our individual sound & volume. The B205D is also an excellent practice amp with plenty of volume.
  • Verified Customer
    on 03 December 2012
    There are very few small monitors about, and if you are a solo/duo playing smallish venues this would be very useful. It is powerful, but not, in my opinion, of good enough sound quality to plug in a guitar and mic and do a gig with. I assume it is durable because the Tannahill Weavers use them, and if they survive with them they must be good! There is a Mackie version which looks almost the same but costs a lot more. One other gripe - the instructions are minimalist. Why is this becoming a growing trend? One page is all it needs. For those who struggle, remember that the balanced feed from the mixing desk/stage box goes into either of the FRONT INSTRUMENT SOCKETS and if you want to link them, you do it from the BACK! Another tip - get a short mic stand while you're at it, take off the boom and use it for this. Perfect height.
  • Verified Customer
    on 18 October 2012
    We use these as stage monitors, the main foldback mix in one channel and muscians individual instruments in another channel. I bought one for myself and have now purchased two more. The ability to mount this in a mic stand is excellent. Sound quality for stage is excellent. Surprising power and clarity of sound - we will use these in a pair as front of house for small events.
  • Verified Customer
    on 08 September 2012
    Have considered gettting one of these for a long time for use as a personal monitor for live music mounted on a mic stand. It allows me to mix my guitar with the whole monitor mix to my personal taste. I am surprised by the build quality and the sound quality. Having heard it I will use it for small PA/meeting applications as well as the use I bought it for. It is surprisingly powerful and the clarity of sound is good. I will be buying another one of these before too long
  • Verified Customer
    on 21 November 2011
    I am using these for voice enhancement and induction loop driving in small (10 - 15 people) church group activities. Great for voice, presentations and general music. Not so good as an instrument foldback monitor.
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